Great Yorkshire Run

I've been injured, folks. A couple of days after the Edinburgh Half, I could hardly walk. Putting weight on my left foot just wasn't possible. By chance, I had a doctor's appointment that week and after a bit of prodding and poking, I was dispatched to A&E for an X-ray. The X-ray found nothing, and... Continue Reading →

This Time Next Week…

My word, I'm excited. And nervous. But mainly excited. This time next week, I'll have finished* the Great North Run. It feels a little bit strange, because we've been building up to this for months and months. I started training way back in January, just little runs in the evenings after work to get used... Continue Reading →

The final countdown

There are just two (and a bit) weeks to go before the Great North Run. Two (and a bit) short weeks. That's not very long at all. At this point in two (and a bit) weeks, I'll either be floating on a euphoric clouds of post-run bliss or weeping exhausted tears from post-run achiness. The... Continue Reading →

York 10K

Well, I did it! My official time was 1 hour and 17 seconds. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with my time. I know I can, and I have, run the same distance faster before, and I really wanted to run under an hour in this race. But it wasn't meant to be.... Continue Reading →

I’m Not a Jinx

What I've been up to Well, it's been nearly 4 weeks since I last blogged, so there's 4 weeks of life to fill you in on. It's actually been a bit of a mixed time. On the 14th of July, it was a year since Nan died. That whole week brought back memories of being... Continue Reading →

Day 31: And It’s Done

Today I'm wearing: The Dress A long sleeved Gap t-shirt Hoodie because it's too chilly for a cardigan but too warm for a jumper My Caitlin necklace This is it! Day 31 is upon us. It's been a very long month, hard at times but mostly fun. It's actually quite nice having a daily blog... Continue Reading →

Day 30: What is Silly Mid Off?

Today I'm wearing: The Dress Long sleeved stripey t-shirt from Gap Leggings Ecco boots Cricket hat [Off camera] Quilted jumper and waterproof and fleece. I am zonked, jiggerwhacked and bushed. I've been to the cricket and back today. It was my first international match (England versus New Zealand) and I tell you, there's nowt more... Continue Reading →

Day 26: I Jiggle Therefore I am

  Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Silk skirt from Gap that I've had since I was about 15, I think. Cardigan to protect against inclement weather. My Caitlin necklace which I seem to be wearing an awful lot. Brogues because they are comfortable and keep my feet dry. I am aware that is the general... Continue Reading →

Day 22: Faux Summer

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress A dark blue tea dress thing that I bought for my 24th birthday celebrations. We went for afternoon tea that year. A couple of bangles made of some unknown dark wood. I bought them in a market in Durban. That's about it, really. Tights and brogues, but I wear those... Continue Reading →

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