Day 19: Know thy Enemy

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress Yellow Marks and Sparks jumper which is warm and cheery Stretchy underskirt which you can't see. Security in case of wind-catching-skirt incidents Tights and then thermal knee high socks Boots, which had been previously retired till the autumn. Brassy metal collar necklace from Topshop My life is a strange mixture... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Just as Long as it Doesn’t Reindeer.

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. That pansy print wrap dress I told you about the other day. Stretchy undershirt because it was chilly today and I'm regretting my short-sleeved choice. Tights. Bird cage necklace because it seemed appropriate for today. Dunno why. I fully intended to do outdoor photos today, but as you can see,... Continue Reading →

Day 26: take me out

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; tights on tights; an H&M cheap 'n' stretch tube skirt to protect my modesty; one of those long-sleeved base-layer t-shirts that's as thick as a vest made of spider silk, but is meant to keep you warm by some kind of dark magic, and doesn't. a Kate Moss for Topshop... Continue Reading →

Day 23: the matrix (lab)

Evening readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; thermal Uniqlo leggings; KG boots; a 'noo-noo' I bought at a festival 2 years ago. I'm brain-tired. I have spent 7 hours in the Maths Building, trying and trying to make Matlab do what I want. It didn't happen. The actual room was frustrating too; stiflingly hot, but... Continue Reading →

Day 7: La Dame aux Camélias

Hello! Today I'm wearing: The Dress; thermal leggings from Uniqlo which are properly decently warm; a pink cardigan with pearls on it, scavenged from a clothes swap last year; thick socks with Kurt Geiger boots (invisible in this picture, but I am wearing them, promise.) I am blogging from the library, but I spent much... Continue Reading →

Day 4: I don’t like Mondays

Actually, they're not too bad. I'm just being melodramatic.   Today I'm wearing: The Dress; a pink waterfall cardigan; toasty fleecy thermal tights; Mum's belt; dangly twirly earrings, a present from my auntie Jo in South Africa. I have something I forgot to tell you. Yesterday, in Morrison's, in the yoghurt aisle, I got recognised.  Somebody said, "Hey, you're... Continue Reading →

Day 2: How I Take My Tea

Good afternoon, readers. Today I am wearing: The Dress; a white cotton shirt that I bought in Graz when I was 17, I think; THERMAL TIGHTS; and back for another month, my mum's belt! Today has been lovely. I met Lindy and we walked up to the Yarn Cake on Queen Margaret Drive. I am a... Continue Reading →

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