Great Yorkshire Run

I've been injured, folks. A couple of days after the Edinburgh Half, I could hardly walk. Putting weight on my left foot just wasn't possible. By chance, I had a doctor's appointment that week and after a bit of prodding and poking, I was dispatched to A&E for an X-ray. The X-ray found nothing, and... Continue Reading →

Day 30: What is Silly Mid Off?

Today I'm wearing: The Dress Long sleeved stripey t-shirt from Gap Leggings Ecco boots Cricket hat [Off camera] Quilted jumper and waterproof and fleece. I am zonked, jiggerwhacked and bushed. I've been to the cricket and back today. It was my first international match (England versus New Zealand) and I tell you, there's nowt more... Continue Reading →

Day 28: Wild is the Wind

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress Black pencil skirt from Zara Green shirt from Gap. My brogues and Caitlin necklace which seem to be some sort of uniform for me. Aside from the Dress, obviously. By heck, I'm in a funny mood this evening. I feel like a tropical breeze; warm but changeable. I know why,... Continue Reading →

Day 26: I Jiggle Therefore I am

  Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Silk skirt from Gap that I've had since I was about 15, I think. Cardigan to protect against inclement weather. My Caitlin necklace which I seem to be wearing an awful lot. Brogues because they are comfortable and keep my feet dry. I am aware that is the general... Continue Reading →

Day 16: mermaids in Sheffield

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; black Levi's; a silk scarf around my head, supposed to keep the hair out my eyes but didn't work; Toms, which I had to forcibly remove from my sister's feet; one of the perils of being the same size. I am totally shattered. I can hardly keep my eyes open.... Continue Reading →

Day 10: bamboo and pilates

Today I'm wearing; The Dress; a white shirt tunic thing. I dunno, maybe it's an artist's smock? leopard print shoes, belt and necklace with big coral diamanté flowers because white shirt tunic things are terribly dull on their own; tights on tights and one of those cheap stretchy H&M tube skirts for added decency. I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 1: totally overwhelming

Today I'm wearing: The Dress; mucky wellies; tights, then tights, then leggings; my University of Glasgow graduate scarf that cunningly doubles as a Hull City scarf. I feel totally overwhelmed. I've been at the football today (Hull City-Newcastle), and despite thinking myself not particularly engaged with the match to match outcomes- if you lose, you... Continue Reading →

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