Day 7: Apolitical

Today I'm wearing: The Dress. Ancient stripy sundress from Topshop. Slightly less ancient Zara cardigan. Tights on tights because the forecast wasn't good. It was wrong and my legs sweltered. Bracelet made of Jacaranda tree. Duty free Ray Bans Hiya. I'm meant to be leaving the house for the evening in 35 minutes. I've got... Continue Reading →

Day 23: bonsoir, ma petit chou-fleur

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; my other Levi's; a long-sleeved black t-shirt; I wish I was French. Or I wish I spoke better French. The French have always been effortlessly chic, the cool kids of Europe. I went to the cinema today with Clare to see the new Yves Saint Laurent biopic; I haven't stopped... Continue Reading →

Day 12: a herd of analysts

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; black skirt that is really quite old but I love and won't admit that it's fading fast; 'berry' tights that I thought were really cool and individual till I saw a woman wearing the exact same pair; my glasses because I'm really tired and my eyes work even less when... Continue Reading →


Good evening readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; a t-shirt underneath to protect my modesty; pale denim skirt acquired from Amy's clear-out; birdcage necklace; brogues and glasses for that extra hint of practicality. So that's it! 28 days of wearing the same dress done. I'm going to own up to a degree of Stockholm Syndrome:... Continue Reading →

Day 26: bright bright colours

Hey readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; wool cashmere mix jumper of unknown origin; heavy beaded necklace that I have worn before and I wanted to wear it with the jumper; knee high woolly socks to keep at least part of my legs warm; ma brogues. Today I have been on an endorphin high. I... Continue Reading →

Day 25: slowly fading out

Evening readers,   Today I'm wearing: The Dress; faded denim dress from Gap; grey woolly tights; classic belt 'n' brogues combo; a bangle of unknown material from The Gambia (I'd guess resin); another bangle made of a fork from South Africa. There is no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to come... Continue Reading →

Day 23: the matrix (lab)

Evening readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; thermal Uniqlo leggings; KG boots; a 'noo-noo' I bought at a festival 2 years ago. I'm brain-tired. I have spent 7 hours in the Maths Building, trying and trying to make Matlab do what I want. It didn't happen. The actual room was frustrating too; stiflingly hot, but... Continue Reading →

Day 22: my greatest fear

Evening, reader, What I'm wearing: The Dress; long sleeved white t-shirt, probably from H&M; M&S leggings, which are still going strong; socks; knitted shrug wot I made myself. I didn't sleep very well last night. Not because of too much caffeine, or nightmares, or cheese, but because I convinced myself there was a snake in my... Continue Reading →

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