Steak. Just steak. Don’t need to say more, really.

Hello readers, Please bear with me for this post. I've had a significant amount of red wine, and my head is tip-top full of things that are not bloggable. This is making actually blogging rather problematic. This evening, I tried something I've never had before. I know. I KNOW. This is from the girl who... Continue Reading →

Winning with food

Evening readers, I'm just back from London! I say just back: I came back, slept and now that I'm awake, I consider myself definitely back in Glasgow. I had such a lovely 3 days, and I have things to write about, which sounds ominous, but is good I promise. However, I am still a bit... Continue Reading →

Day 20: In the beginning…

Afternoon readers, Today I'm wearing: the Dress; silk charity shop bolero that actually is part of a two-piece my mum bought me- see the other half here; M&S leggings with thick socks because I wanted warm legs this morning and yes I know they don't quite go with the rest of the outfit. This is... Continue Reading →

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