The final countdown

There are just two (and a bit) weeks to go before the Great North Run. Two (and a bit) short weeks. That's not very long at all. At this point in two (and a bit) weeks, I'll either be floating on a euphoric clouds of post-run bliss or weeping exhausted tears from post-run achiness. The... Continue Reading →



Hello and welcome to the next stage of my fundraising bonanza. Rather than blog every day for a month, disappear for a while and then pop up, asking for your time and attention again, I thought I'd stay visible. I'm going to blog weekly about what I'm doing, how the running is going, and general... Continue Reading →

Day 29: Caitlin the Train

Today I'm wearing: The Dress Loose fitting H&M trousers probably better suited to a beach than central York. Cardigan, slippers and (concealed) yellow socks because I'm old before my time. Yes, I know I'm wearing pyjamas. No, I don't care. They aren't really pyjamas anyway. If I had my way, pyjamas would be socially acceptable... Continue Reading →

Day 15: Choo Choo

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Honestly. Denim shirt because I wasn't at work and it's Friday. Chinos because it's Friday and I wasn't at work. Converse My hand-me-down Billingham bag. It's battered but I love it. My Caitlin necklace. Wow, two blogs in a day! Aren't you lucky puppies? As you'll already know, I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Day 16: mermaids in Sheffield

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; black Levi's; a silk scarf around my head, supposed to keep the hair out my eyes but didn't work; Toms, which I had to forcibly remove from my sister's feet; one of the perils of being the same size. I am totally shattered. I can hardly keep my eyes open.... Continue Reading →

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