Day 27: A Day of Two Halves

Today I'm wearing: The Dress Stripy t-shirt from the Gap sale. Sparkly tights from M&S My snug Ecco boots My old and holey Zara cardigan The lobster necklace I call today's outfit "I'm having an off day". To be honest, I just wore what I wanted to wear, without thinking about how fashionable I looked.... Continue Reading →

Day 19: Know thy Enemy

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress Yellow Marks and Sparks jumper which is warm and cheery Stretchy underskirt which you can't see. Security in case of wind-catching-skirt incidents Tights and then thermal knee high socks Boots, which had been previously retired till the autumn. Brassy metal collar necklace from Topshop My life is a strange mixture... Continue Reading →

Day 15: Choo Choo

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Honestly. Denim shirt because I wasn't at work and it's Friday. Chinos because it's Friday and I wasn't at work. Converse My hand-me-down Billingham bag. It's battered but I love it. My Caitlin necklace. Wow, two blogs in a day! Aren't you lucky puppies? As you'll already know, I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Day 14: Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

Yesterday I was wearing: The Dress French Connection dress that was actually my Grad Ball dress. Old cardigan that really needs replacing. Accidentally made another hole in it yesterday. Tights because the weather is autumnal at the moment. Good morning. I should explain why I'm posting on the morning of the 15th day rather than... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Within the Madding Crowd

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Mustardy yellow cardigan that came from the Noa Noa sample sale. Leggings on tights because I can't keep track of this bloody weather. DMs because I like them. My Triceratops necklace. Hello. I've just been to see the fastest paced film about sheep ever. And it was 2 hours long.... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Hypnotic

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Reiss skirt which came via eBay and that I love. That cardigan again. Those brogues, too. Ah, modern technology. Isn't it grand? I don't think I've ever felt so fond of my laptop as when it told me it needed to install 209 updates before being turned off. Of course,... Continue Reading →

Day 30: practical pockets

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; a Tilly and the Buttons Miette skirt what I made myself; the leopard print shoes that my Nan was admiring, even more so when I told her they're M&S in origin. Remember the skirt project from Day 2? Well, tah-dah! There is no greater feeling than being able to say... Continue Reading →

Day 8: welly boot to the belly

  Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; socks on leggings on tights on tights, and I was still cold; my Johnstons of Elgin lambswool Stewart tartan scarf that, despite living in Glasgow for 5 years, came from the Battle of Culloden visitor centre on a holiday after I'd left Scotland; ancient Topshop tartan shirt that I... Continue Reading →

Day 5: bovver boots, innit

  Today I'm wearing: The Dress; tights on tights; homemade DIY Couture skirt that you've seen here and here; a collar type necklace of some hammered metal that I'd love to say came from a flea market but it's actually from Topshop; my beautiful shiny patent Dr Martens. I've got a new bruise on my... Continue Reading →

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