Day 17: It’s Definitely my Birthday Today!

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Black long-sleeved t-shirt underneath because it was really chilly today and I am foolishly wearing a short-sleeved dress. Tights on tights because it's too cold for just one pair. Hoodie underneath jacket because  I tried to wear as many clothes as possible today to keep out that creeping Yorkshire chill.... Continue Reading →

Day 9&10: I’ve Found my Decade

  Last night I wore:  The Dress. Previously ankle length 70s dress. Made from 100% quality polyester, it came with a matching leatherette-backed belt. Platform clogs. Less painful than proper heels, but I did fall off them quite a bit. Wooden necklace from the Cats Protection League shop. Today is a bumper post, owing to... Continue Reading →

That Go-To Dress

This is about a dress. A pretty dress. This dress: I actually own this dress. I bought it to graduate in last summer and it has matured into my elegant-yet-cool dress for special occasions. It's from Zara, it's a creamy off-white type colour with a lovely Japanese pattern. I bought it because a drunk woman... Continue Reading →

Day 14: In Defence of Singularity

Hello there, readers Today I'm wearing: The Dress; a Kate Moss Topshop mini mini wrap dress that is red and has pansies on; my belt; grey tights; Clarks brogues. Today is Thursday 14th of February. Up and down the country, people are giving and receiving red things, possibly heart shaped. However I am not. I,... Continue Reading →

Day 10: the most inspiring woman I know

Good afternoon, readers Today I'm wearing: The Dress; Primarni strapless dress (aka Party Dress); belt which is now mine and not my mother's because she has graciously given it to me; brogues that are waterproof; glasses so I can see things. Behold! You see before you a girl* being buffeted by the Northern winds. The... Continue Reading →

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