Day 21: An Essential for the Modern Yorkshirewoman

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress Voluminous black skirt under the Dress. I know, innovative. A necklace my grandparents brought back for me from their trip to Sicily. I don't know what it's made out of, but it seems to be some kind of shiny green stone. My cricket hat, which I didn't actually wear today but... Continue Reading →

Day 17: It’s Definitely my Birthday Today!

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Black long-sleeved t-shirt underneath because it was really chilly today and I am foolishly wearing a short-sleeved dress. Tights on tights because it's too cold for just one pair. Hoodie underneath jacket because  I tried to wear as many clothes as possible today to keep out that creeping Yorkshire chill.... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Within the Madding Crowd

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Mustardy yellow cardigan that came from the Noa Noa sample sale. Leggings on tights because I can't keep track of this bloody weather. DMs because I like them. My Triceratops necklace. Hello. I've just been to see the fastest paced film about sheep ever. And it was 2 hours long.... Continue Reading →

Day 18: if Marlene liked dinosaurs

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; my old waitressing trousers which came from Mango but 6 years ago, and they're faaaaar too long for me; My Designosaur. I've just finished reading Grazia, and they talk about wardrobe inspiration. I think this is something I should try. So. My inspiration for today's ensemble was Marlene Dietrich, if... Continue Reading →

Day 14: 3.14% of sailors are pi-rates

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Obviously; that gold coloured collar Topshop necklace thing from the other day that heats up in the sun, I find; skirt from Reiss (how do you say that? Rice? Reesss?) with lovely pattern and silver bells on the hem. Today is Pi Day (3/14 geddit?) I'm going to bypass all... Continue Reading →

Day 10: bamboo and pilates

Today I'm wearing; The Dress; a white shirt tunic thing. I dunno, maybe it's an artist's smock? leopard print shoes, belt and necklace with big coral diamanté flowers because white shirt tunic things are terribly dull on their own; tights on tights and one of those cheap stretchy H&M tube skirts for added decency. I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 5: bovver boots, innit

  Today I'm wearing: The Dress; tights on tights; homemade DIY Couture skirt that you've seen here and here; a collar type necklace of some hammered metal that I'd love to say came from a flea market but it's actually from Topshop; my beautiful shiny patent Dr Martens. I've got a new bruise on my... Continue Reading →


Good evening readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; a t-shirt underneath to protect my modesty; pale denim skirt acquired from Amy's clear-out; birdcage necklace; brogues and glasses for that extra hint of practicality. So that's it! 28 days of wearing the same dress done. I'm going to own up to a degree of Stockholm Syndrome:... Continue Reading →

Day 26: bright bright colours

Hey readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; wool cashmere mix jumper of unknown origin; heavy beaded necklace that I have worn before and I wanted to wear it with the jumper; knee high woolly socks to keep at least part of my legs warm; ma brogues. Today I have been on an endorphin high. I... Continue Reading →

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