Day 27: A Day of Two Halves

Today I'm wearing: The Dress Stripy t-shirt from the Gap sale. Sparkly tights from M&S My snug Ecco boots My old and holey Zara cardigan The lobster necklace I call today's outfit "I'm having an off day". To be honest, I just wore what I wanted to wear, without thinking about how fashionable I looked.... Continue Reading →

Day 17: Rorschach tights

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; a yellow dress underneath as some sort of full body petticoat; genuinely Exciting Tights. Let's talk about my legs. They have prompted great debate in both the office and home, and possibly on the street. People were brazenly staring at my legs, not even flinching when they found me staring... Continue Reading →

Day 12: a herd of analysts

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; black skirt that is really quite old but I love and won't admit that it's fading fast; 'berry' tights that I thought were really cool and individual till I saw a woman wearing the exact same pair; my glasses because I'm really tired and my eyes work even less when... Continue Reading →

Day 7: humbug legs

  Today I'm wearing: The Dress; long-sleeved white t-shirt because I quite liked having warm arms yesterday; vintage Primarni satin tulip bubble skirt (enough fashion buzzwords there?) stripy tights because I will, I can and I do. I'm decidedly monochrome today and I like it. I put 'quite exciting tights' into Google and came up... Continue Reading →

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