Day 14: Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

Yesterday I was wearing: The Dress French Connection dress that was actually my Grad Ball dress. Old cardigan that really needs replacing. Accidentally made another hole in it yesterday. Tights because the weather is autumnal at the moment. Good morning. I should explain why I'm posting on the morning of the 15th day rather than... Continue Reading →

Day 9&10: I’ve Found my Decade

  Last night I wore:  The Dress. Previously ankle length 70s dress. Made from 100% quality polyester, it came with a matching leatherette-backed belt. Platform clogs. Less painful than proper heels, but I did fall off them quite a bit. Wooden necklace from the Cats Protection League shop. Today is a bumper post, owing to... Continue Reading →

Day 14: 3.14% of sailors are pi-rates

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Obviously; that gold coloured collar Topshop necklace thing from the other day that heats up in the sun, I find; skirt from Reiss (how do you say that? Rice? Reesss?) with lovely pattern and silver bells on the hem. Today is Pi Day (3/14 geddit?) I'm going to bypass all... Continue Reading →

The Dress 2014

This is the moment you've all been waiting for. The grand reveal of The Dress 2014. This is it: It's from Topshop and cost £24, but as I still had vouchers, it was free! I love a good freebie. When choosing this year's Dress, I had various difficulties. I work 5 days a week, so... Continue Reading →


So I'm doing One Dress One Month this March. I have a dress. I will be revealing the Dress on Monday. Stay tuned. Cx PS. it's black...

That Go-To Dress

This is about a dress. A pretty dress. This dress: I actually own this dress. I bought it to graduate in last summer and it has matured into my elegant-yet-cool dress for special occasions. It's from Zara, it's a creamy off-white type colour with a lovely Japanese pattern. I bought it because a drunk woman... Continue Reading →

Out, damned spot

I thought I was going through a phase. Phases are not unusual for me- I am a phasey person- but this one has taken root and has left me rather puzzled. I've got a thing about leopard print. There's something in my brain at the moment that wants to incorporate leopard spots into whatever I'm... Continue Reading →

Hello there

Good evening. It has been quite some time, my dear readers. Actually, my dear readers are solely East European porn aficionados, so if you're reading this: спасибі, але ви не бачите мої сиськи. Feel free to leave now. Since my last post, I finished my exams, moved to my homeland of Yorkshire, got a degree,... Continue Reading →

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