Day 20: The Adventure of the Sacred Banana

Today I'm wearing: The Dress Pussy bow blouse the colour of mushroom soup. Earrings made of banana leaf. I'll admit, today's post isn't coming easy. The well of adventure is parched. The proud tower of my ability to blether about anything is crumbling. Today I got up, went to work, and then came home. I... Continue Reading →

Day 12: Run, Warthog, Run

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress. Faux silky bolero thing that came from a charity shop and cost £2.50. Skirt that I bought at Gap the weekend before I went to Glasgow for uni. It's so faded now but I can't quite let it go. I fully intended to not wear a skirt over the Dress... Continue Reading →

Day 9&10: I’ve Found my Decade

  Last night I wore:  The Dress. Previously ankle length 70s dress. Made from 100% quality polyester, it came with a matching leatherette-backed belt. Platform clogs. Less painful than proper heels, but I did fall off them quite a bit. Wooden necklace from the Cats Protection League shop. Today is a bumper post, owing to... Continue Reading →

Day 11: florally hacked off

Today I'm wearing: The Dress; a Caitlin'd 80s sundress; Mum's belt; tights on tights. Yesterday, the top dress was down to my ankles. I hacked 11 inches off overnight and haphazardly hemmed it back up. My sister was dead impressed this morning when I sauntered (only word for it really) into her room to survey... Continue Reading →

Day 9: swooshing in the sunshine

Today I'm wearing: The Dress; Mum's belt as always; Loose blue patterny trousers from H&M that feel like pyjamas and so are wonderful; my emergency Topshop black shoes (emergency because they've saved my unsuitable shoe bacon a number of times); Sunglasses (Topshop again) because there was sunlight abound today; Lovely jangly bracelets. Oh, the sunshine... Continue Reading →

The Caped Crusader

Evening readers, Today I'm wearing: Gap trousers which I rolled up because they are too long and too big (intentionally I suppose); my lovely red charity shop jumper; my cape! From eBay but says Tu on the label; my forever handbag. I lied. This is what I wore yesterday. I know, I know, but I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 26: bright bright colours

Hey readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; wool cashmere mix jumper of unknown origin; heavy beaded necklace that I have worn before and I wanted to wear it with the jumper; knee high woolly socks to keep at least part of my legs warm; ma brogues. Today I have been on an endorphin high. I... Continue Reading →

Day 20: In the beginning…

Afternoon readers, Today I'm wearing: the Dress; silk charity shop bolero that actually is part of a two-piece my mum bought me- see the other half here; M&S leggings with thick socks because I wanted warm legs this morning and yes I know they don't quite go with the rest of the outfit. This is... Continue Reading →

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