Hello. My name is Caitlin and I have narcolepsy. It's been nearly a week since I was diagnosed. I've been having what my mum delicately calls "funny turns" for a while, but it wasn't until my dad and Andy convinced me that they weren't normal that I went to the doctor. The GP thought they... Continue Reading →

The final countdown

There are just two (and a bit) weeks to go before the Great North Run. Two (and a bit) short weeks. That's not very long at all. At this point in two (and a bit) weeks, I'll either be floating on a euphoric clouds of post-run bliss or weeping exhausted tears from post-run achiness. The... Continue Reading →

My Sojourn in Manchester

Hello! What I've been up to I'm late, I know. I'm terribly sorry and I have no excuse. This past week I've been A Good Citizen and doing a little light Civic Duty (light being the operative word). It essentially means being confined to a room with a coffee machine, a few strangers, and a... Continue Reading →


Hello and welcome to the next stage of my fundraising bonanza. Rather than blog every day for a month, disappear for a while and then pop up, asking for your time and attention again, I thought I'd stay visible. I'm going to blog weekly about what I'm doing, how the running is going, and general... Continue Reading →

Day 30: What is Silly Mid Off?

Today I'm wearing: The Dress Long sleeved stripey t-shirt from Gap Leggings Ecco boots Cricket hat [Off camera] Quilted jumper and waterproof and fleece. I am zonked, jiggerwhacked and bushed. I've been to the cricket and back today. It was my first international match (England versus New Zealand) and I tell you, there's nowt more... Continue Reading →

Day 23: I Went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress A pretty basic H&M hoodie. I imagine most people have one kicking about somewhere. My Wonder Woman t-shirt Super warm and comfy Ecco ankle boots. Today was pretty darn exciting in Caitlin World. It involved going on an adventure. I went to the zoo for the first time in about... Continue Reading →

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