Day 31: this is the end

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress for the last time; leggings on tights; long-sleeved black t-shirt because there was a wee nip in the air at 6am; DMs just because. The last day! Tomorrow I can wear whatever I want and not write about it! I'll probably feel little, lost and alone when I go to... Continue Reading →

Day 30: practical pockets

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; a Tilly and the Buttons Miette skirt what I made myself; the leopard print shoes that my Nan was admiring, even more so when I told her they're M&S in origin. Remember the skirt project from Day 2? Well, tah-dah! There is no greater feeling than being able to say... Continue Reading →

Day 29: stripy and speedy

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; stripy cotton beach dress that I found when 'packing' and thought I'd wear today because I've literally worn every other item of clothing I own; DMs, obviously. I'm speed-writing this so please forgive errors or things that don't make sense. There is smoke coming out of my fingertips. The keyboard... Continue Reading →

Day 28: part-time punk

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress but hitched up into some kind of tunic; a red shirt; leggings on tights; DMs and a spiky headband because I felt a bit punk today. Today I felt spiky, so I dressed punk. However I have a job, so I dabbled but didn't fully commit to the punk look:... Continue Reading →

Day 26: take me out

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; tights on tights; an H&M cheap 'n' stretch tube skirt to protect my modesty; one of those long-sleeved base-layer t-shirts that's as thick as a vest made of spider silk, but is meant to keep you warm by some kind of dark magic, and doesn't. a Kate Moss for Topshop... Continue Reading →

Day 24: you can call me caits

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; one of them bodycon stretchy type t-shirts that is grey; tights on tights; 'neon tweed' fit and flare skirt from Zara that was actually the first thing I bought with a grown-up paycheck. I walked to work in freezing fog. Hardly ideal for a dressful month, but the way it... Continue Reading →

Day 23: bonsoir, ma petit chou-fleur

Today I'm wearing:  The Dress; my other Levi's; a long-sleeved black t-shirt; I wish I was French. Or I wish I spoke better French. The French have always been effortlessly chic, the cool kids of Europe. I went to the cinema today with Clare to see the new Yves Saint Laurent biopic; I haven't stopped... Continue Reading →

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