Day 20: In the beginning…

Afternoon readers, Today I'm wearing: the Dress; silk charity shop bolero that actually is part of a two-piece my mum bought me- see the other half here; M&S leggings with thick socks because I wanted warm legs this morning and yes I know they don't quite go with the rest of the outfit. This is... Continue Reading →

Day 19: you make me feel like spring has sprung

Good afternoon, guys and gals Today I'm wearing: The Dress; vintage A-line stripy skirt from Barnardos; yellow and white stripy scarf from Oxfam; navy Zara jumper because I was cold; belt 'n' brogues as always. Hasn't it been a beautiful day? It really feels like spring but there's still a decided nip in the air.... Continue Reading →

Day 18: Another Monday

Evening all, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; my belt; silk jackety thing from Principles via Scope; Clarks brogues because Clarks shoes last forever; Gap skirt that my mum persuaded me to buy the week before I came to uni. Apologies for the late posting; it's been a very long day. This very long day got... Continue Reading →

Day 17: sunny Sunday afternoon

Afternoon, readers Today I'm wearing: The Dress; red cotton pleated skirt that I actually made myself; silky scarf from the Bombay Stores in Bradford; Clarks brogues; glasses. It has been a lovely day here in Glasgow town. Still chilly, but blue skies and a hint of Spring in the air. I love this time of... Continue Reading →

Day 16: An experiment in self-portraiture

Hello readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; stripy meshy top from Topshop via Oxfam; leggings and socks for warmth; beaded bracelet from South Africa; slippers from Ripon market. Sadly today I was photographer-less, so these are a selection of self-portraits. This involved building a tower of things to balance the camera on, and then relying... Continue Reading →

Day 15: Such a happy Friday

Good afternoon, Today I'm wearing:┬áThe Dress; woolly black tights my Grandma gave me for Christmas; brogues; belt; Mum's vintage Topshop dress that she wants back so she can sell it on eBay for lots of money. Yesterday, I spoke too soon. Thank you, mystery admirer. Yours will be in the post when I manage to... Continue Reading →

Day 14: In Defence of Singularity

Hello there, readers Today I'm wearing: The Dress; a Kate Moss Topshop mini mini wrap dress that is red and has pansies on; my belt; grey tights; Clarks brogues. Today is Thursday 14th of February. Up and down the country, people are giving and receiving red things, possibly heart shaped. However I am not. I,... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Snow was falling

Hello readers,   Today I'm wearing:┬áThe Dress; M&S leggings; woolly knee high socks; welly boots from Office; Mum's jumper because she is more stylish than I will ever be and that's why I wear her stuff (she didn't tell me to write that, obviously.) Snow is deceptive. At first, there is excitement: the promise of... Continue Reading →

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