New start

Hello readers, I wore trousers all day today. I know, it's risqué stuff. No wonder I get so many hits from sex websites. I haven't actually missed my dress at all- it's lying in a crumpled heap on the floor- but I think that in a few days, when I'm running late and can't decide... Continue Reading →


Good evening readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; a t-shirt underneath to protect my modesty; pale denim skirt acquired from Amy's clear-out; birdcage necklace; brogues and glasses for that extra hint of practicality. So that's it! 28 days of wearing the same dress done. I'm going to own up to a degree of Stockholm Syndrome:... Continue Reading →

Day 26: bright bright colours

Hey readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; wool cashmere mix jumper of unknown origin; heavy beaded necklace that I have worn before and I wanted to wear it with the jumper; knee high woolly socks to keep at least part of my legs warm; ma brogues. Today I have been on an endorphin high. I... Continue Reading →

Day 25: slowly fading out

Evening readers,   Today I'm wearing: The Dress; faded denim dress from Gap; grey woolly tights; classic belt 'n' brogues combo; a bangle of unknown material from The Gambia (I'd guess resin); another bangle made of a fork from South Africa. There is no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to come... Continue Reading →

Day 24: a tribute to the Oscars

Hello readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; faux fur scarf; red and white Office T-bar heels; pencil skirt from Zara. The Oscars are tonight! I'm not much of a film connoisseur, but I thought I'd make an effort and dress up today. Therefore, I walked to the maths lab in fur and heels, with fancy hair,... Continue Reading →

Day 23: the matrix (lab)

Evening readers, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; thermal Uniqlo leggings; KG boots; a 'noo-noo' I bought at a festival 2 years ago. I'm brain-tired. I have spent 7 hours in the Maths Building, trying and trying to make Matlab do what I want. It didn't happen. The actual room was frustrating too; stiflingly hot, but... Continue Reading →

Day 22: my greatest fear

Evening, reader, What I'm wearing: The Dress; long sleeved white t-shirt, probably from H&M; M&S leggings, which are still going strong; socks; knitted shrug wot I made myself. I didn't sleep very well last night. Not because of too much caffeine, or nightmares, or cheese, but because I convinced myself there was a snake in my... Continue Reading →

Day 21: The real world

    Afternoon all, Today I'm wearing: The Dress; black and white weave blazer from H&M; vintage Primarni black satin bubble skirt (so many fashion buzzwords there!); brogues and tights and a t-shirt under the dress because it is still February and I'm not daft. Well hello there, reader. Today I have been thinking about... Continue Reading →

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