Book Review: I See You by Clare Mackintosh

What’s it about?

When Zoe Walker sees her picture in the classifieds section of a London free newspaper, she’s determined to find out more, unsurprisingly. Then she realises there’s a photo of a different woman every day, and so the plot thickens. Is it some kind of joke? Or is someone watching their every move?

My thoughts

This is a pretty decent thriller. I hadn’t read anything else by Clare Mackintosh before I picked this up, but had heard good things.

The story feeds on our societal fears about who is watching us and why. Surveillance is a constant in our modern world, and this story really plays on it. As with all the best thrillers, the main idea behind the plot- finding yourself in the paper for an unknown reason- is one that could well happen. How many of us have had our Instagram pictures appropriated to sell some product or another? I did see the twist coming quite a bit before it happened, but for some reason didn’t mind too much. Maybe that was because I enjoyed the story-telling, and wasn’t too impatient for it to get to the point. I did keep reading and didn’t skip (as I have done with others).

On another point, I was initially worried that I wouldn’t warm to the main character of Zoe, but I found the characterisation to be warm and open, and it easy to identify with her despite the generational gap between us*. However, I did struggle with the children a bit, especially with the daughter character, as I found them to be a little one-dimensional. Was the daughter’s new boyfriend really all that necessary?

Would I recommend it?

Yeah I think I would. It’s not going to be particularly onerous on the grey cells, but it’s a good idea and fairly well executed. Apparently, Mackintosh’s other novel I Let You Go is absolutely awesome so I might try and hunt that one out.

I See You by Clare Mackintosh is publish by Little, Brown priced £7.99. I think. I can’t actually get on the website, so that’s a guess. I did try, though.

*There’s no getting round it; I’m not a middle-aged divorcee living in London with a new partner and two adult children.

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