Book Review: Losing Juliet by June Taylor

What’s it about?

Juliet and Chrissy were best friends at university until the events of one summer destroyed their friendship. 20 years later, Juliet wants to be friends again but Chrissy can’t forget the past.

My thoughts

I’ve been trying to write this in my head for a while but everything seems to be damning with faint praise when I put it in words. This is by no means my intention, so I’m going to go through what I liked and then gently highlight what I thought needed a bit more thought.

Firstly, I enjoyed this book. I didn’t actually see the twist coming and I quite liked that I didn’t. I also liked how it told the story in the past and the present; this was particularly skillfully done. I also liked how female-centred it was, as opposed to other thrillers I’ve read recently which tend to be dominated by male voices.

Now. My main issue with the book was the Juliet of the title. I understood that she’s meant to be shrouded in mystery with metaphorical fog rolling in every time she enters, but I needed a bit more than was offered. For instance, she’s been married four times: is that important? Is this meant to convey her inner turmoil and untamable nature? There wasn’t really any context given for this divorce rate and I found it more unnecessary than anything. A little more detail would’ve given me something to hold onto while preserving her femme fatale mysteriousness.

I did like the other central female characters of Chrissy and Eloise but I didn’t really warm to them. That’s by no means a criticism- see what I mean about faint praise?!- as I think it’s just that I don’t have a lot in common with them. However, it did mean I cared less than I ought. I also wondered if the reason I didn’t seen the twist was because I wasn’t really that bothered about Juliet, and by extension Chrissy and Eloise.

Would I recommend it?

Yeah. I would. I’d also read other things by June Taylor, however lukewarm my review sounds!

Losing Juliet by June Taylor is published by Killer Reads priced £12.99.

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