Catching up

Hello there.

It’s been a while. All my posts seem to start like that, but then again it usually has been a while. Life has been busy, so busy that I’ve barely had time to blink. I’ll give you a brief rundown.

New house

In my last post, I wrote that we’d bought a house. Well, we moved in about 4 weeks ago and it’s super. I didn’t realise how different it would be actually owning the bricks and mortar I call home, but it is. When I come home at the end of the day, I survey my land, Lion King style, and feel so secure. One of the big parts of that is having the garden. I bloody missed having a garden, despite it being a paradise for slugs. In fact, waging war against the slugs makes me feel oddly content in a sort of mollusc-sadistic way.

I (we) also have turned the spare third bedroom into a study-workroom for the time being. Oh yes, I have three bedrooms and only one is regularly slept in. Suck on that, Bedroom Taxers. I have a floor to ceiling bookshelf and storage for my crafty bits. It’s nice having that separate workspace, and I don’t think I’ve ever had it before.


Andy and I are running the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday. Not together, I hastily add. I’m all about the slow rolling gait nowadays, whereas Andy is much more Chariots of Fire. Running together is not conducive to a healthy relationship so we don’t run together. We’re not doing it for charity, just for the enjoyment. I’m ridiculously goal-oriented which basically means I won’t put my trainers on without something looming on the horizon.

I’ve also discovered- if that’s the word- Parkrun. We’ve moved much closer to the York one so I’ve started to actually do it on Saturday mornings. It’s a lovely atmosphere and I run much quicker when I think people are chasing me. I’d like to do others, but I’m still new to this Parkrunning thing. Bear with me.

Other things

Honestly, things have been a bit shaky otherwise. At times, I’ve been fairly sure that this time I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I’ll get through and I’ll roll with the punches and fight the good fight and whatever other cliches you fancy. I am prone to panic attacks, and I’ve had more in the past few weeks than in the past 6 months. I know the reasons, and there isn’t much I can do, but I’ll breathe through it. Luckily I have the love of a good man, some good friends around me, my lovely home, and my super family. I have a few friends who’ll always pick up the phone when I need them, and they are honestly invaluable.

This blog

I am assured that people read these words- hello there, fair reader- so I’m here writing. Life is a bit of a mixed bag at the moment, a bit slugs and rainbows, but I’ll try and put words down for you. I’m thinking of a post on how I deal with panic attacks, maybe some bits on books I read, and my garden adventures.

I have retired One Dress One Month- for this year at least- because I thought people were getting bored! Also, it’s a lot of work, although I make it look so effortless, and I simply haven’t had any time.

We’ll see how it goes, my brain is mostly going on my dissertation at the moment. It’s feeling a wee bit mammoth at the moment, but again, I’ll power through.

So let me know your thoughts, what you’d like from me, how you are and how much you’ve missed me.

Caitlin x

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  1. They have a few parkruns in Perth. We should go sometime. I have been meaning to go since I went to the one in Manchester with you and Joe. Runkeeper is an app keeping me motivated, you should try it if you run with your phone. Love you loads. A. Xx


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