Dolce Far Niente

Hello there!

The Fundraising

Saint Michael’s Hospice very kindly featured me on their Facebook page on Friday. If you found this blog through that, hello and welcome.

The total now stands at £935 which is super good. Only £65 to £1000! I’m going to edit the target and page a bit before the York 10K, because there’s not just me fundraising now; I’ve managed to rope Andy in, too.

If you fancy contributing, go to

What I’ve been up to

Well, the simple answer to that is Not Very Much. The week after my last blog post, my accomplice went off for a week of gallivanting at Glastonbury Contemporary Performing Arts Festival and I was left home alone to finish off my Civic Duty. That week, the blog post would have read something like, “this week, I went and sat in a hot room, being a good citizen, and then I went home and made dinner for one.” Thrilling. Oh and I read a lot of books, so many that I could well do a blog post in the near future entirely about books what I’ve read. So I put off blogging till I had another week of material and Andy had come home.

And here we are.

It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m writing and we’re watching the Tour de France coverage on ITV4. This is the best sporting time of year, when you have more to watch than you know what to do with. Wimbledon is a particular favourite of mine, although it did mean than Andy got to see my ugly tennis side. I’m not proud of myself, but this compulsion comes over me when watching tennis and the mist descends. I seem to get very emotionally involved with the matches. I’d somehow managed to avoid watching any tennis with him before and I think he was rather taken aback yesterday watching the Murray match.

Aside from the tennis, yesterday was spent taking advantage of the sunshine and sponging  our bedside tables with Jacobean Oak wood stain. They actually look quite good now, considering they were raw pine Argos BOGOF specials to start with. Yes, my life really is that exciting.

On another note, I started writing a list this week. A special list.

When I was about 13, I had my palm read, and the palm reader told me that I’d die at age 33. This was based on my apparently very short life line. This absolutely terrified me, for obvious reasons, but as I grew older, I realised that she was spouting utter drivel and the creases in my hand do not dictate the course of my life. Especially as she read my right palm and I’m left-handed. And what kind of person tells a 13 year old they’re going to die in 20 years? A very mean person, that’s who.

Anyway, this popped into my mind this week as I was grumping around the house, grizzling about being on my own and doing Good Citizenship whilst other people who we shall call Ydna went gadding about in Somerset. It occurred to me that I could grump about, making myself unpleasant to be around, or I could make a list of 33 things to do before 33. These things will be a mix of large-scale goals, like going to India, and smaller scale goals such as learning to drive*. There are a few things on the list already but it’s not yet a full list. I’m working on it.

I should say, I really don’t think that my life will end in just under 7 years. I just like having goals to work towards. That’s sort of why I’m running a half marathon in 10 weeks.

The Running

The Fitbit has gone. It went a bit haywire- 65 flights of stairs in one day but only 8,000 steps? Not likely. Luckily, I was within the 28 day return window. So back it went and then I replaced it with a Tomtom Multi-Sport GPS watch. This one:

I only went into Up and Running for socks.
I like it a lot. Although the ease of uploading has caused me to become something of a sport-tracker website junkie. I’m now on Nike+, Strava, and MySports. I can’t just choose one. They all have their own charms. Although I can only work Nike+, having used it for years. Feel free to try and find me. I’ve got no idea where I am on them though.
The running itself is alright. I pulled a muscle down the left side of my right shin and was forced to forgo my mid-week runs for a week in favour of Deep Heat cream and the ol’ hot-cold treatment. It’s much better now, thankfully, but I’m doing a lot more warming up, cooling down, and stretching it out. I probably should’ve been doing that before, to be fair, and then probably wouldn’t have to have a break. My own silly fault.
Another thing I need to work on is eating enough. Like today for example. I didn’t exactly have a proper meal yesterday, preferring to snack because snacking is the best. I really regretted this today after 2.5 miles, when I started shivering despite being rather sweaty. I’ve had this issue before and I really just need to eat more before going out. My body does not run on empty, however much I’d like it to.
My body is also continuing to change. The weight continues to drop; I’ve now lost the equivalent of Andy’s work boots in weight. I’m a little less squishy, my calves are a little more toned, and I can walk up two flights of stairs at a fair pace, chattering away nineteen to the dozen. Now that, my friends, is a mark of good fitness.
The York 10K is less than a month away and I’m getting quite excited about it. That’s because I know I can run 10K and because I want the finishers’ t-shirt. I’ve only got 3 running tops, you see, and I could do with another.
Right, I’m off to watch some telly and spend Quality Time with my accomplice.
Caitlin x
*Yes, I know I should already be able to drive, but I’ve been putting it off for years and the thought of actually being in control of a car terrifies me. I will get round to it soon, I promise.

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