Day 31: And It’s Done

Today I’m wearing:

  • The Dress
  • A long sleeved Gap t-shirt
  • Hoodie because it’s too chilly for a cardigan but too warm for a jumper
  • My Caitlin necklace
This is it! Day 31 is upon us. It’s been a very long month, hard at times but mostly fun. It’s actually quite nice having a daily blog to look back over for the month. Just like an online diary.
Don’t get me wrong, though, I cannot wait to wear something else tomorrow. Both the dresses now have holes in (I don’t think Boohoo clothes are designed for hard graft) and they’re looking a wee bit scruffy.
I am so wearing trousers tomorrow. Lovely warm thick trousers that cover my knees. Oh, the anticipatory bliss.

That was the thing about this month; the Dress was harder to make different every day than last year, and I totally jinxed the weather by choosing a short-sleeved dress. There have been some days where I’ve had more layers than an onion. But I’ve come through it and you’ve been right there with me. Thanks for sticking to the end, folks.
Today has been a lazy day involving housework, cricket watching and knitting. Oh and I ran 5 miles this morning slightly quicker than the last time I ran 5 miles. That was not much fun but nice afterwards. My goal is 10K in under an hour.
As you know, I’ve been raising money for St Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate. That’s where my nan Juney spent her final days last July. It was so peaceful and lovely, and the staff were so kind that I resolved to do what I could to raise money for them. They get a tiny proportion of their funding from the NHS and rely on donations and fundraising for the rest. If they weren’t there, I don’t know what would have happened. My nan wouldn’t have died so peacefully for one thing. The service they provide is immeasurable and essential.
Thank you so so SO much to all those who have donated. You are stars and should be very proud of yourselves. You’ve helped a whole community with your donation.
If you haven’t yet donated, please do so. We’re at £865 and it would be lovely if we could hit £900? Do you think that’s possible? It’s only £35 more… or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070.
There are more things to come. July is the clothes swap event thing, August the York 10K and September is the Great North Run (which is a half marathon). If you want to keep updated, check the blog as I’ll be posting from time to time, and you can like my Facebook page: Caitlin and Her Dress.
Before I go, and before I upload the outtakes, a few personal thank you messages.
Thanks to:
  • My mum, Jude. She’s my biggest fan.
  • Lindy my bestest friend. Thanks for taking photos and coming all the way to York to be in the blog.
  • All my York pals for doing things with me.
  • My darling long-suffering boyfriend Andy. He took photos, gave me pep talks and was just generally splendid.
Extra special thanks to everyone that donated. Thank you thank you thank you.

Right. Outtakes are after the jump, so just click Read More. If you’ve clicked on the direct link, you won’t need click anything. Just scroll and enjoy.




Lindy told me to do my battle face. So I did.


Trying to stroke my brother’s hair







That’s all for now. Stay in touch, and thank you again.

Much love,

Caitlin x

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