Day 30: What is Silly Mid Off?

Today I’m wearing:
  • The Dress
  • Long sleeved stripey t-shirt from Gap
  • Leggings
  • Ecco boots
  • Cricket hat
  • [Off camera] Quilted jumper and waterproof and fleece.
I am zonked, jiggerwhacked and bushed. I’ve been to the cricket and back today. It was my first international match (England versus New Zealand) and I tell you, there’s nowt more tiring than sitting on your bum watching not much happen for 7 hours. I’m (half) kidding.
I was sat there thinking “I’m doing this, and it’s quite enjoyable! Look at me, at the cricket! Aren’t I a credit to my mother?” right up until the 80th over. Then I crashed. I hit my cricket wall, and there’s no way back once you’ve hit the cricket wall. They’d tacked an extra 8 overs onto the day (an over is 6 balls) to make up for the rain of yesterday. A day is normally 90 overs, so I’d ordinarily been absolutely fine. That gives me hope for my future cricket going. I’m slowly learning the rules, but I don’t quite get most of them. Silly mid off and the nuances of LBW still eluded me.
It was an excellent day of cricket. Alastair Cook beat the record for the most runs ever scored for England in test cricket*, Adam Lyth got his maiden (that means first in cricket speak) half century and century (50 and 100 runs respectively), Trent Boult (one of NZ’s bowlers) got hilariously heckled by a conglomerate of stag parties. That last one isn’t really cricket, but I enjoyed it. You can see me on telly if you look closely, and I’m in the picture below. It’s just that there’s a massive banner over my face and body.
Headinglery banner
Borrowed from the BBC

The best bit of all, reader, was the fact that I judged my outfit completely right. For the first time ever, I was warm enough at a cricket match. Layers, the key is layers. There were three stages to the day in terms of temperature, and I was ready for anything the sky could throw at me. Apart from balls of fire. I couldn’t have handled those. I’ve come away with no frostbite and only a tiny smidgen of sunburn (on the tip of my nose and the hollow of my throat FYI). I call that a success.

The lanyard was a Yorkshire Tea one and it had a bingo card attached. If any of your numbers matched the run score at tea, you won a prize (cricket has breaks for lunch and tea like all civilised sports should). My grandpa was 1 run, 1 tiny run, away from winning. Life is hard sometimes.

I had a good day, and so did Andy and Gramps. I may have taken a book and got quite a lot of it read, but in my defence there are large chunks of a cricket game where nothing happens. I’m also reading The Narrow Road to the Deep North and it’s rather gripping. Having said that, there were bits I was worried about people reading over my shoulder. It was nominated for the Bad Sex Prize after all.

That’s another picture of me at the cricket, this time with layers. Investec were giving out toy zebras, so I actually took a zebra home with me. I’ve named it Lucy after my friend whose brother plays cricket. She doesn’t look like a zebra.
Tomorrow is the last day of One Dress One Month. I can’t quite believe how quickly that’s gone. The 1st of May feels a long time ago. Thank you so so much to those who have donated. You’ve given 120% this month (I was dying to make that joke).
If you fancy showing your appreciation in the final days, go to or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070.  You’ve no idea how much it means to me.
I’m going to bed now with my gripping book. Andy is watching the cricket highlights on telly. Yes, that’s right. He watched it live and now he’s re-watching it on telly. No, I don’t get it either.
Before I forget, a quick well done to my baby brother Conor who completed the Vienna Triathlon today. Well done, lad, you’re a trooper.
Caitlin x

*Please don’t ask me to differentiate between cricket types. I’ve got no idea.

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