Day 29: Caitlin the Train

Today I’m wearing:
  • The Dress
  • Loose fitting H&M trousers probably better suited to a beach than central York.
  • Cardigan, slippers and (concealed) yellow socks because I’m old before my time.
Yes, I know I’m wearing pyjamas. No, I don’t care. They aren’t really pyjamas anyway. If I had my way, pyjamas would be socially acceptable forms of daywear. I just wanted to be comfortable today. I also wore my snug Ecco boots to work which meant I was comfy from head to toe. Probably not the most elegant of outfits but comfort beats elegance in my book.
Today was Friday and the last day I’ll have to wear the Dress to work. I’m not sure if I’m pleased about that or not. Maybe I have a touch of sartorial Stockholm Syndrome. It was lovely and quiet in the office today, which mean I could get lots done. My phone only rang three times, and one of those times was someone trying to sell me double-glazing.
It was actually quite a bizarre phone call. When the young man said he was calling about “innovative glazing solutions” I politely told him he’d rung a university and could he take us off his books? He replied, “I didn’t really want to talk to you anyway” and put the phone down! I sat there, sort of blinking at my phone. How odd people are sometimes.


I’ve had a nice day. At lunch time, I popped to Barnitts to get a new thermos flask. I did have one, but I gave it to my brother to take to uni. I thought that I’d never be too far from a kettle so didn’t really need it. Ah, the foolishness of youth. We’re going to the cricket at Headingley tomorrow and I anticipate being fair nithered. Therefore I need a ready supply of hot beverages. It’s a lovely yellow flask, and you may see it tomorrow.

After work, we went to the pub. I quite like going to the pub, although I’m trying to drink less. I’m rediscovering my love of gin and tonic, as a G and slimline T has fewer calories than a pint of beer (50 as opposed to 250). York has lots of excellent pubs, and I have some favourites. Actually, Andy and I can chart our relationship in terms of pubs; we first met in the Habit,  first date in House of Trembling Madness and so on. I suppose that says a lot for our mutual interests.

Speaking of Andy, he surprised me with a treat on the way home. A model train, but not just any train:

This train is called Caitlin and I’ve been going on about it for ages. Mainly because she’s a Thomas and Friends engine, which I grew up reading and watching, but also because her best friend is a train called Connor. He doesn’t spell it the same way, but my brother is called Conor. That kind of coincidence is irresistible to me. Con hasn’t expressed any interest in obtaining the counterpart to Caitlin, though.
Anyway, Andy secretly went to the Monkbar Model Shop and tried to get one. It was out of stock, because Caitlin is a really popular engine**, so he had to wait until they’d restocked, which was today! He gave me the train on the way home and I was left speechless in the middle of Fossgate. I didn’t know he was even listening when I told him about Caitlin the Train. Just for information, Caitlin is based on Baltimore and Ohio P-7 Class but in real life, her wheels would jam. Yes, I did google my new model train, and I’m not ashamed. She will have pride of place on my desk from Monday.
I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but we’re now well over the target. £820, as of 21:24 today. Thank you so much to all who have donated. If you haven’t, there’s still time!
I was thinking about Nan today because we’re going away to Dublin for a couple of days in the near future. When I used to go away as a teenager or when I was going back to university, I’d go and say bye to Nan and Gramps. Nan would always slip me a fiver and say “that’s for a coffee on the train” no matter where I was going.
If you can spare anything (I know it’s payday for a lot of people out there) please donate in memory of Juney. or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070
I’m off to make a cricket picnic now. I fully expect to spend tomorrow absolutely freezing, so I’m going to wear as many layers as humanly possible. I’m also taking a sunhat and sunglasses because you never know, especially in a British summer.
Caitlin x

*I’ve changed from using his initial to his name, mainly because just calling him A irritates me when I’m proofreading.
**I don’t know this, but I’m assuming. Why wouldn’t Caitlin be a really popular engine?

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