Day 28: Wild is the Wind

Today I’m wearing: 
  • The Dress
  • Black pencil skirt from Zara
  • Green shirt from Gap.
  • My brogues and Caitlin necklace which seem to be some sort of uniform for me. Aside from the Dress, obviously.
By heck, I’m in a funny mood this evening. I feel like a tropical breeze; warm but changeable. I know why, too. I had a Bad Run this evening and it’s really niggling me. I wasn’t feeling great, then I went all dizzy and floaty after 2 miles and had to stop. That’s what’s niggling me. The stopping. Even though I know in my head and heart that I couldn’t have run home, I still feel like I let myself down. I’ll have to get out there tomorrow for a quick mile to get it out of my system, but tonight I feel a bit unsure of myself.
I’m also listening to Nina Simone which always makes me feel odd. Her songs are a heady mix of really really depressing (Strange Fruit), less depressing but still saturated with despair (Wild is the Wind) and actually quite empowering (Feeling Good). I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’m a riot of emotion over here.
Anyway, that’s not really what I wanted to write about but it’s going round my head and getting it all out and down in pixels helps. I still can’t quite comprehend people actually reading this, but they do. Whenever I try to tell someone what I’ve been up to, they already know because it’s all here!
I was in a better mood when we took these pictures earlier. I got the giggles when we were taking photos on the river bank. I think it was partly down to the wind. A good strong breeze always makes me giggly. I’ve got quite a collection of outtakes, which I’ll be posting on the last day of May.


You’ll note that I was wearing quite a few layers today. That’s because the weather forecast said it would be cool and breezy today, so I dressed appropriately. I should know now after my month-long battle with the weather not to trust the weatherman. Meteorologists lie to me. I was rather snug all day, on account of wearing so many layers. It also made popping to get new running leggings at lunch time logistically tricky, due to the elaborate layering involved in today’s outfit.

Ah well. I’ll live to dress another day. On the plus side, I looked smarter than yesterday.

Today I tried to order the stripey t-shirt I told you about yesterday. However, ordering clothes from Seasalt with a voucher is trickier than trying to pick a lock with a rubber chicken. I gather the voucher buying was not the easiest feat in the world either. I had to ring them up today to say I wanted to place the order and tell them what I want. I then had to go and post the voucher to the head office by Recorded Delivery. When they get it, they will ring me back and check what I wanted before taking payment for the rest. This stripey shirt better be the best stripey shirt in existence or I’ll be one grumpy pumpkin.
I was in the York Press today! Page 108 if you have it, just before the Classifieds. Hello to anyone who’s found me through the article, you’re very welcome. Thanks very much to Dan from the York Press for putting me in.

I was overcome with emotion this morning when I checked the Just Giving page, and then it just kept rising through the day! It’s now at 110% or £770. Thank you so SO much to all who have donated. If you haven’t, were thinking about it but feel put off now the total has been achieved, don’t be! They can always use the money, trust me. They need to raise at least £4 million this year just to maintain their services. That’s an awful lot of money for a little hospice.

The hospice actually emailed me today, to say how please and touched they are at how well the fundraising is going. I think they’re going to do some social media things in the near future, so have a look at them on Facebook or on Twitter.

There are only a few short days left of May. Just 3 days of Dress wearing and daily blogging. Do you like what you read? Why not show your appreciation on my Justgiving page or by texting ODOM79 £5 to 70070. I’m not going to put the target up yet (I’ll put it up for the GNR because Andy is raising money too) but I’d really like to raise as much as possible.

I’m going to have a bath and go to bed. Tomorrow is Friday, which is always a nice day.

Caitlin x

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