Day 27: A Day of Two Halves

Today I’m wearing:

  • The Dress
  • Stripy t-shirt from the Gap sale.
  • Sparkly tights from M&S
  • My snug Ecco boots
  • My old and holey Zara cardigan
  • The lobster necklace

I call today’s outfit “I’m having an off day”. To be honest, I just wore what I wanted to wear, without thinking about how fashionable I looked. It could have gone worse.

I’m very fond of stripy t-shirts. At one point, I had about 8, but I’ve downsized and now have only 3. I’m eyeing up a particularly fetching one at the moment though, so it could be 4 before too long. I always do that with clothes; eye them up, flirt with buying them a little before I actually do. It makes me happy and I suppose this way I’m always sure I want something before I buy it.

The tights are grey with sparkles in them. I bought them at Christmas, because Christmas is the season for sparkly tights, and haven’t really worn them since. I’m a bit fed up of black and nude tights, so I put these on this morning. Have they cheered me up? I don’t know. I suppose so. A little bit. Sparkles always cheer me up.

I had a really good morning but the afternoon went downhill. The main cause was work-related so I won’t go into it, but it also poured with rain (which was forecast for later in the day so I had the wrong coat with me) and I accidentally walked into a bed of nettles. Sparkly tights may be pretty but they are no match for young nettles. My left leg is still prickly.

Enough moping, I’ll tell you why my morning was good. I had a lovely walk to work along the river bank. I noted the abundance of greenery in the verges, the huge lump of tree in the middle of the Ouse, the way the sun picked out the scum on the Foss. This all made me happy.

I was also catching up on my Archers podcasts, which I have rather neglected lately. I’m a big big Archers fan (we’re talking the long-running Radio 4 drama, not the schnapps) and I like to listen to it on my way to work. It was something that started when I was a student, although my mother had listened for years, and I just haven’t stopped listening.

If anyone else out there is a fan, please let me know. I don’t know any other fans and I’d love to have Archers chats, mainly about what a horrible person Rob Titchener is. A tells me it isn’t real from time to time. I obviously know this but I still like to pretend.

Another thing that made me happy was a visit to the bookshop. I got mainly book tokens for my recent birthday and I am greatly enjoying buying impromptu books with tokens. Today I was after a book I’ve read before, one about trees. I first read my dad’s copy years ago and recently I’ve been wanting to re-read it. Luckily, Waterstones had it in stock, so I bought it with a token and took it back to the office. I put it out on my desk next to my computer screen where it would catch my eye and make me happy. Then I caught sight of the cover:

More specifically, the review on the cover:
That’s my dad. Isn’t that lovely and strange? No bloody wonder he had a copy!

That was where the nice day ended, really. I was grumpy, tired and damp when I got home. This was marginally remedied by a trip to the supermarket (food shopping is my favourite kind of shopping) and a plate of avocado and black bean nachos crafted by my accomplice. I’m still a little on the tetchy side though, and want to be in my bed with a cup of decaf tea and my book.

I am so SO happy to be able to tell you that we hit £700 at 02:31 this morning. The month isn’t over yet, so if anyone has not yet donated, please please do. It’s not like they can’t use the money! or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070.

I’m going to bed now. I’m tired, so I’m going to retire with a book and shut the world out.

Caitlin x

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