Day 24: Jumping Jumping

Today I’m wearing: 
  • The Dress
  • Jeans because bouncing is not a dress-friendly activity.
  • Special bouncing socks
  • I was wearing my dad’s old trackie top but I got a bit toasty whilst bouncing and shed it
  • I was also wearing my Caitlin necklace but health and safety etc etc.
Today we went for a bounce. As you know, I am a jumping aficionado. What better way to spend a Sunday morning than in a Centre for Organised Jumping, also know as Bounce in Milton Keynes. We don’t have that kind of place of magical jumping wonder oop north, so it really was a one in the blue moon treat.
In case you’ve never been before, it was sort of like a trampoline grid system. Flips and other tricks are prohibited, as is jumping on someone else’s jump pad. To be honest, I could just about jump up and down so flips were something of a pipe dream. I did master the “sit down and bounce back up” jump by the end of the hour though, so maybe one day I’ll flip. Dare to dream, eh?
Anyway, here’s a handy GIF as evidential support for my sitting down jump. I don’t know why my arms stick out when I jump, but they do. Just like my tongue sticks out when I cough.
Jumping is thirsty work so I refreshed and relived my youth with a blue Slush Puppy. Well, it would be reliving my youth if my mother had ever let me actually have a blue Slush Puppy. But one of the perks of being a proper adult is being able to eat all the forbidden fruit of my youth without fear of parental judgement or retribution. It disappointingly didn’t turn my tongue blue but I suppose that means they must have taken out some harmful tongue-staining E numbers. I think that’s a good thing.


I am aware I look about 12 in that photo but I’m actually closer to 30 than 20. Looking young will be excellent in 20 years. That’s what I tell myself.


Notice the Bounce supervisor having a sneaky bounce behind me. He’s the one in the fetching black and amber striped top. These are incidentally the Hull City colours. Speaking of Hull City (seamless segue ahoy!) they were relegated from the Premier League today. I’m not best pleased, but we probably could use a season in the Championship. Just to regroup and take stock, you know.

Enough football talk. I greatly enjoyed Eurovision last night. I voted, naturally, for Belgium. I did so because the wee boy performing lay down on the floor and sang. That’s bloody tough to do and impressed me, so he got my vote. I did like the Swedish song though, and the young man singing it was quite easy on the eye, to say the least. They were my second choice. Also, word to the wise, if Russia want to win multi-nation music contests, they shouldn’t invade people. Not that Putin will be reading this, but you never know.

One week to go of the Dress! Just one week and I can not try and shoehorn a grey dress into every outfit I choose. Oh, the anticipatory bliss. We’re actually quite close to the target too. Just £70 to £700. I can’t quite believe it, to be honest. I was so worried about missing it earlier this month. Thanks to your generosity, we’re nearing that goal.

I just need a little bit more generosity from you. Anything you can spare. At this point, any amount will make a difference. or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070

I’m going to bed now. A day of bouncing and cake has fair knackered me. Also, I’ve tracked my favourite songs from Eurovision down on Spotify and I want to fall asleep listening to them. My dreams will be glorious Europop rainbows.

Caitlin x

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