Day 21: An Essential for the Modern Yorkshirewoman

Today I’m wearing: 
  • The Dress
  • Voluminous black skirt under the Dress. I know, innovative.
  • A necklace my grandparents brought back for me from their trip to Sicily. I don’t know what it’s made out of, but it seems to be some kind of shiny green stone.
  • My cricket hat, which I didn’t actually wear today but it was sunny after work.
Evening all.
I’m about to head out to the pub and I’m excited as a kitten in a wool shop. I began to feel the onset of cabin fever and just needed to get out for the evening. This manifests as an evening at the Rook and Gaskill with beer and the pub quiz.
After work today I made myself go for a run. I’ve been terribly lax with the running recently, because my nose was producing a terrific amount of snot for a while, which made breathing tricky, and then it was my birthday and I just couldn’t be arsed. Yet our summer of organised running races looms and so going for a quick jog was necessary. Imperative, if you will.
Not running is actually the worst part. Once you’re out pounding the pavements, jiggling in the evening sun, it feels not good exactly but manageable. You get into a rhythm and the trials and tribulations of the day sort themselves out in your head. That’s a pretty good perk.
And it has been one of those days. Today I laddered two pairs of tights, my presentation for my 8.30am meeting corrupted itself at 8.20am, I threw my elevenses slice of cake on the floor (not intentionally, I hasten to add. I would never do that to cake), I inhaled a fly on this evening’s run. It’s on days like this I like to find something good in the bad bits. Like having to redo my data work in ten scant minutes when the server I used had gone offline for routine maintenance allowed me to practice Working Under Pressure. Like I didn’t really need those cake calories, so it was better for my tummy that all that delicious butter cream icing, soft coffee sponge, and crunchy walnut pieces had to go in the bin. Like my tights laddering gave my outfit a punky edge, albeit a natural tan shade of punk. Like the fly I inhaled was just extra protein, fuelling my quick 5K.


I’m wearing my cricket hat because it was dead sunny when I got home, and my sunglasses have been “tidied” somewhere. Squinting just isn’t a good look for me, so I went with the hat.

A cricket hat has become somewhat of a necessity in my life. I in fact have two of them: a South Africa Cricket World Cup 2014 cap for the more edgy games, and the traditional straw affair. You see, cricket matches involve sitting for long periods of time in a multitude of climates. It can be rainy, windy and sunny within a matter of minutes. The item of clothing which will protect again all of these meteorological changes is the hat. Observe how it shades my eyes, how it keeps my hair from blowing into my face, how it warms the tops of my ears. A real all-rounder, and a true essential for the modern cricket-going woman.

It’s only in the past year or so that I’ve taken more of an interest in cricket. I say interest. I mean it has been thrust upon me. I’ve got no idea what’s happening most of the time, but I know just enough to fool people (such as my boyfriend) into thinking I know more than I do. If all else fails, I suck my teeth and say, “Eeee, by that Joe Root’s a nice lad.” That usually prompts much nodding and responsive teeth sucking. Never fails.

I’m considering buying this t-shirt with some of my birthday money, to help me learn. but I don’t know. I’m thinking about it.

My nan brought me back this necklace from one of her many holidays. She loved a good holiday, did our Juney. I’ve got no idea what it’s made of, but it’s quite heavy and green. Anyone got any ideas? Answers on a postcard, please.
I can almost see the end of the month! 9 days to go and I can go back to my uniform of skinny jeans and stripy t-shirts. I’ve worn pretty much all of my clothes, so I’m having to work hard to think of new things.
Please donate. Caring for people in their final days is a really hard job, but St Michael’s do it amazingly well. Anything you can spare. or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070.
Caitlin x

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