Day 19: Know thy Enemy

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress
  • Yellow Marks and Sparks jumper which is warm and cheery
  • Stretchy underskirt which you can’t see. Security in case of wind-catching-skirt incidents
  • Tights and then thermal knee high socks
  • Boots, which had been previously retired till the autumn.
  • Brassy metal collar necklace from Topshop
My life is a strange mixture of routine and adventure. I walk to work every day but will alter my route every so often. I wear mascara every day- I have eyelashes like albino spiders’ legs- but I won’t buy the same mascara twice. If I buy lunch rather than make my own, I will go to Henshelwoods Deli in the Shambles Market, but I won’t buy the same sandwich two days in a row. I’m actually on an unofficial mission to try every sandwich on their board, but lose my focus and re-try a particularly tasty one. I’m about halfway through, and my knowledge is at the stage where A can ask me for recommendations.

Anyway, there I go, getting distracted. There are answers to all these foibles. I’ve read so many classic spy novels that I know that walking the same way every day leaves you open to KGB attack, so I mix it up. I won’t buy the same mascara because I’m cheap and there’s usually one on special offer at Boots. Henshelwoods is the tastiest and best value in York for sandwiches, so I’d be daft not to go there*.

I’m also a big one for Informed Decision Making. I always research, read reviews, budget before I buy things. I like having all the facts at my disposal before I make my decisions. This is why I have become so obsessed with the weather forecast. I’m wearing a dress and this dress does not cover my legs. I need to assess and implement appropriate clothing mechanisms to ward off hypothermia, or indeed hyperthermia. I need to know what I’m dealing with before deciding the best course of action. Know thy enemy, as they say.

But the atmosphere doesn’t want to play ball and it’s so annoying. If I were a superhero, my power would be to control the weather. None of that reading minds or flying nonsense- that’s what Twitter and aeroplanes are for- but an actual useful power. Barbecue by the river? Warm sunny evening. Wedding coming up? Sunshine with a light breeze so people don’t get too sweaty. Something good on telly? Rain storm with a hint of thunder. I’d have my own BBC2 series and all sorts.

I’m sitting at my dining room table and I can hear the light tip-tap of rain on our gravelled yard. Yet when we took these pictures a mere 7 hours ago, the sun blazed. The forecast said rain rain rain, so I wore tights and thermal socks, leaving my sunglasses at home. I know I know you should never trust a weatherman, with the exception of Tomasz Schafernaker because he’s a lovely young man, but I thought they could hardly get torrential downpours wrong. They can, they did, and I had to try and comb fringe in my eyes to substitute for sunglasses. It didn’t really work.

I’ll stop whinging about the weather now. I am grateful that it was sunny for my pictures and rainy when I came to write today up. I was also grateful that the rain held off just enough for the man from the York Press to take my picture. Yes, that’s right folks, the York Press have very kindly decided to let me take up valuable column inches once again. I’m quite excited, even though I’ve got no idea how the photos will turn out. It was fair nithery when the man came round, and I had to take my jumper off. Expect to see me blue-skinned, grinning manically.


These photos were taken on the city walls at lunchtime. The above was the view from where we stood. York is really very pretty sometimes.
66%! Two thirds of the way there! Thank you so so much to all who have donated so far. To those who haven’t, pull your finger out. There are only 11 days of May left. One of the Dresses is starting to wear out a bit; there’s a hole in it and it’s getting bobbly. I’ve just got to keep it alive for a few more days.
St Michael’s welcomed its first patient in 1989, and has grown and grown since then. They now help over 2000 patients and their families every year. But they want to do more. There are always more people to help and care for. With your donations, they can accomplish this. or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070.
Please, whatever you can spare.
I’m home alone this evening, so it’s bath, book and early bed for me. I picked up a new book on my way home with some of my birthday book token, and I really want to start it. Must finish this Terry Pratchett first though.
Caitlin x
*They’re not paying me to say that, I just really love their sandwiches.

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