Day 18: Creeping down the Backstairs

Today I’m wearing: 
  • The Dress
  • A long-sleeved t-shirt that is meant to be thermal, definitely isn’t thermal but quite frankly, I’ll take all the warmth I can get.
  • Stretchy Topshop pencil skirt that is warm.
  • My Caitlin necklace because I felt like asserting my identity today.
The weatherman on Radio 4 this morning apologised for the weather. I know it’s not his fault, but I appreciate the sentiment. He said there was a chance of snow in the north of Scotland. Snow. In mid May. What on earth is the world coming to*?
This weather is playing havoc with my dressing options. I thought we’d have a bit of sun, it being May, but no. The world has other ideas. I did briefly consider the notion that I’d jinxed the weather by choosing a flighty short-sleeved dress to wear for a month, but then dismissed that out of hand. Jinxing is superstitious nonsense with little factual grounding. I’m just unlucky.


I tried a peplum thing this morning but the dress is a bit too long. I would’ve taken time to fold, roll and tuck, but patience is never my strong suit and least of all at 7am. So I just tied it in a knot. Lumpy but quick.


Tonight I am resting. I’m really quite tired after a pretty full-on weekend and I need an early night. I also ran into a wall at laser quest on Saturday. As a result, I’ve now got a bruised and swollen left knee which isn’t particularly comfortable or aesthetically pleasing. You can sort of see it in the above photo, if you dare to look. I purposefully wore tan coloured tights today to partially disguise the sight of it. To sort of neutralise the purple colour of the bruise.
I skipped Pilates today, and I have a restful evening ahead of me. I’ve just been doing too much recently, trying to fill every waking second of the days with stuff to write about and not really taking into account sleeping time. That wisdom I gained from being another year older seems to have worn off. Or maybe this is just it in action, telling me to go to bed early.
I’m still a little giddy from my birthday, on account of the book tokens burning a hole in my pocket. I’ll be riding on the glory of my birthday as long as there are book tokens to be spent. And considering how many I got this year, that may be some while. I’m trying really hard to read Terry Pratchett, because I feel I should, but I’m stuck on The Light Fantastic. It’s taking forever to get through, yet I want to persevere. I’m a firm believer in Reading Things in Order.
We’re still on 62% today. That’s ok, because I know it will change. Like I said before, my aim is £700 because that’s how much it costs for two patients to have a day at St Michael’s. It seemed like a good figure to aim for, but it could be spent on other things. They also offer a counselling service to children, young people and adults coping with the effects of bereavement caused by terminal illness, suicide, disaster, and murder. They don’t just take care of the patients, but the whole family.
Easy peasy.
I’m going to have a hot bath and read my book now. I will sleep and bounce back tomorrow.
I nearly called today’s post Swinging in the Backstairs but I get enough dodgy web searches finding my blog as it is. I’m not going to encourage them.
Caitlin x

*I already know. Global warming and the Jet Stream is right over us right now. I always try to answer my own questions. It’s usually quicker.

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