Day 17: It’s Definitely my Birthday Today!

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress.
  • Black long-sleeved t-shirt underneath because it was really chilly today and I am foolishly wearing a short-sleeved dress.
  • Tights on tights because it’s too cold for just one pair.
  • Hoodie underneath jacket because  I tried to wear as many clothes as possible today to keep out that creeping Yorkshire chill.
  • Some rather fetching yellow library socks (only in the pictures. I didn’t stroll round town with yellow socks on top of my tights.)
  • My Tatty Divine lobster necklace.
It’s really truly my birthday today. As of 19.25 this evening, I am another year older and wiser. I do actually feel much wiser than I did 24 hours ago, sort of like my wisdom has been taken up a notch. It has manifested in such acts as wearing as many clothes as possible because it’s baltic outside, and not eating too much popcorn because I might ruin my tea.
I know. Gandalf, eat your heart out. I’ll try to not let it go to my head.
Today was lovely. After last night’s celebrations, the day was more about pootling about, opening presents, doing bits and bobs. My day started a bit earlier than expected; I misread my watch when I woke up, thinking it was five to ten. It was actually five to seven, but once I was up, I was up. Unfortunately, no one else in the house was prepared to surface before 9am. This meant a slight delay to my present opening schedule, but no matter.
If I were to do a statistical analysis of the gifts I receieved this year- I have a skill set and I’m not afraid to use it- it would show a definite inclination towards book tokens. I don’t mind this at all. I’d much rather get a book token than a Topshop voucher, mainly because I’m about 10 years too old for Topshop now. On the other hand, you’re never too old for a book token and I will get much pleasure moseying around the shelves for the foreseeable future.
My other gifts were largely book themed too, and I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the socks my accomplice gave me.
They’re yellow, stripy, library card socks. That’s like Caitlin Bingo. I think he got them from the British Library, and I love them. I can’t wait to wear them to work under work trousers, look at people and think, “I’m wearing library card socks.” Oh, how I shall laugh. And also appear demented.
I also wore my Tatty Divine lobster necklace. It’s my third and final TD necklace and one of my favourites. Who doesn’t love a good acrylic crustacean on a chain? I thought it went very well with my child-safe “It’s My Birthday” badge, too.  I might wear the lobster again this month, I like it that much. Not with the badge again, though. That would be fibbing.
I was so touched this morning, opening all my cards and presents. I don’t think I can remember such a lovely birthday. It makes me feel all safe and warm inside knowing that I have so many friends. Friends that are prepared to give up their Saturday nights (and days) to come and play laser quest, and eat Italian food and cake in the pub with me. It must have been really tough for them. Speaking of cake:
That’s my brother N with his head in his hand. I’m not sure why he’s doing it, but I think it’s because he was being made to sing to me. Mum, if you want a copy of this one as it shows the love between your children so well, let me know.
Last night I wore a lacy tunic over the Dress, with a belt. I didn’t get a proper photo- my main thought last night was “FOOD”- so this one will have to do.
Lindy brought party hats with her, and this one was attached to my head pretty much all evening. I’m really sorry to all those who the jaunty angle affected. I’m not that tall, so I think I probably had a few eye near misses. Ah well, c’est la vie. If you can’t accidentally hurt strangers on your birthday, when can you*? Thank you Tom for taking the above picture. Much appreciated.
We’re 62% of the way there! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity is simply lovely. You’ve donated enough for 4 night sitters to stay with a patient in their own home overnight so their carer can have a break. That is such a wonderful thing you’ve done. You’re making a real difference.
If you’d like to donate (it’s still my birthday for another 2 hours…) please go to or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070.
Thank you again.
I’ve just got in from the cinema with my baby sister. I’m pretty tired and looking forward to a bath and bed. I had a little weep this morning as birthdays are emotional times. Specifically, when I opened my birthday card from my Grandpa; it’s the first card I’ve had without Nan in it. She’d be so so proud of what we’re doing here. I wish she was here to see it all.
Night all. And look after yourselves.
Caitlin x
*I am obviously kidding. I would never hurt strangers. Only people I know.

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