Day 16: Laser Questing

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress
  • A stripy t-shirt and black skinny jeans combo that is Classic Caitlin.
  • Feminist necklace
  • A green scarf as headband.
I’m rushing at a million miles an hour. This is partially because we’re meant to be at a restaurant in an hour and a half and my face has camouflage paint all over it, and partially because I’m still very edgy from Laser Quest.
My real birthday is tomorrow, but because it’s Sunday tomorrow, I’m doing stuff today. This morning started with breakfast at one of my favourite cafés in York: the Pig and Pastry. It’s always being listed in top ten best breakfast in the UK lists, and is perennially popular amongst us locals. As a result, you have to be prepared to queue and table share, or go away hungry. I always have the same thing- Eggs Royale and a latte- and I swear, there is no better hollandaise sauce than theirs.
Lindy and I then trundled off into town, along the city walls. I love the city walls and the views from them; that really big church in the middle of town, terraced housing and a wall to keep people out. Nowt better. We were heading to Ramshambles, the wool shop in the Shambles. Lindy is a committed knitter, as am I, and Ramshambles is the best wool shop I’ve found. They stock a really good range of local wool- check out West Yorkshire Spinners, if you’re that way inclined- and some lovely patterns. The staff are also really nice and helpful. Good staff really set some places apart from other, don’t you think? I’m really quite positive today, aren’t I? I should have birthdays more often.
Anway, I’m off topic.
Then we mooched around before heading to the Minster gardens for a sit down in the sun. But it turned out to be actually quite chilly when you stopped moving so we moved to Fossgate Social for a ginger beer. I proper love ginger beer, especially Bundaberg stuff. I’ve got a fair stash of empty bottles on my desk at work- we can’t chuck glass in the bin and I’m too lazy to find the recycling- and it’s got to the stage where I look a bit odd, a bit of a ginger beer bottle hoarder. I should do something about them. Monday, I’ll do it Monday.
We met my siblings M and N and caught the bus to Clifton Moor to go to Quasar, or laser quest if you will.
Right, I am a pacifist and a nice person. I never pretended to be good at shooting guns. As a result, being the lowest scoring of all the team is a protest against guns and war and stuff. My brother N came top in the team, but as he is studying War Studies, he really should have won. And I’ve also seen a whole new side to A, one that shocks me. He is ruthless.
This is A. He’s quite tall
I am wearing a feminist necklace today, but I don’t have time to do justice to why I’m wearing it. I’ll write about it soon, I promise.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for donating, people who have. I can’t tell you how much this means to me and my family. We’re so touched, thank you.
For people who want to do a good deed, or just fancy making me happy on my birthday weekend, go to or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070.
I’m off out for dinner, after I scrub this camo paint off. I’d better dash.

Caitlin x

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