Day 15: Choo Choo

Today I’m wearing: 
  • The Dress. Honestly.
  • Denim shirt because I wasn’t at work and it’s Friday.
  • Chinos because it’s Friday and I wasn’t at work.
  • Converse
  • My hand-me-down Billingham bag. It’s battered but I love it.
  • My Caitlin necklace.
Wow, two blogs in a day! Aren’t you lucky puppies?
As you’ll already know, I wasn’t at work today. This didn’t stop me from getting up at half 6 this morning, because that’s just how I roll. I can’t just lie in bed once I’m awake. My friend Lindy arrived at lunch time from the bright lights and drizzly skies of Glasgow. She has come to celebrate the wonder that is my birth and is staying till Sunday. She’s been to York to visit me more times than I can remember so finding nice new touristy stuff to do is pretty tricky. We’ve done Jorvik, and the Walls, and the Yorkshire Museum, amongst other things. But I worked out the one major tourist attraction in York we hadn’t been to: the National Railway Museum.
Lindy works in museums doing museum stuff. Don’t ask me to be more specific, I have no idea what she does. Although she isn’t a railway enthusiast per se, she is a museum aficionado. When I told her there was a road train that would actually take us there from the Minster, she was sold.
She may or may not have sat at the front of the road train in question going “choo choo!” all the way.
Anyway, I do come from a family of railway fans, so I’ve been going to the NRM since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I’ve still got no idea how steam trains work but I can appreciate a nice paint job.

The museum has changed a bit since I was last there. There’s a new bit called the Warehouse that is just that: a big room full of stacks of undisplayed railway gumph. This was Lindy’s favourite bit. Not for the exhibits, oh no. That’s not what floats her goat.

Lindy got giddy over the cataloguing system. Yes, those tiny numbers on items that correspond to something or other. She took pictures, she waxed lyrical over the innovative way they merged storage and exhibitions, she mused on the labelling techniques employed.

I can’t pretend I felt the same unbridled passion, but I’m happy she enjoyed herself.

So today I am definitely wearing the Dress, I promise. I’ve just done some tucking and wrapping. I miss trousers so much. My legs get chilly in tights and there’s only so often you can wear leggings. There were a few downsides to tucking half a dress in your trousers, though. Firstly, the padding. I’ve had an extra inch on my hips all day, which is cushioning but made my trouser waist band a little snug. Secondly, I kept forgetting I’d tucked away the Dress, so when I went to the bathroom, all this grey fabric appeared from nowhere. It was a little surprising.
People’s generosity has left me speechless today.Thanks to you, the total now stands at £370! My nan would be so happy, she really would. Lindy and I were talking about her earlier. Lindy came and stayed a few times while we were at uni, and my nan would always make sure she went home with plentiful supplies of tea and biscuits. That was just my nan though; she was generous, thoughtful and a bit of a feeder.
You’ve donated enough money now for a person to spend the day at St Michael’s to relax and unwind. That’s an amazing thing to have done. Thank you so much.
My aim in setting the target at £700 was to raise enough for two people to spend the day at the hospice. Only £320 to go! or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070

Tomorrow is an exciting day. We’re going to laser quest and then out for dinner. I’m excited. Have I mentioned that it’s my birthday on Sunday?

Caitlin x

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