Day 14: Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

Yesterday I was wearing:
  • The Dress
  • French Connection dress that was actually my Grad Ball dress.
  • Old cardigan that really needs replacing. Accidentally made another hole in it yesterday.
  • Tights because the weather is autumnal at the moment.
Good morning.
I should explain why I’m posting on the morning of the 15th day rather than the evening of the 14th day. It really comes down to one word: pub. I went to the pub after work and didn’t get home until half 11. I didn’t particularly fancy wrestling with my capricious laptop, so I went to bed. I’m sorry.
Anyway, I had a lovely day yesterday. It’s my birthday on Sunday (have I mentioned that? No?) and so the season of Nice Little Birthday Treats begins. I like to think of this time of year as Caitlin Fest, building up to the great day that is my actual birthday. My brother C interestingly has two, yes two birthdays, so he really does have a birthday festival. I’ll tell you the story of how he ended up with two birthdays, if he lets me*.
Yesterday’s treat was lunch with my little mum, Jude. We went to Pizza Express because I was on my lunch break and it’s, well, express. If you look closely in the photos, I have a wee food baby from the three courses I inhaled. The only reason I can think of for Jude being in such a good mood is her feet. She’d just had a pedicure- she has osteoarthritis and claims pedicures eases the pain- and lunch conversation consisted of:
“Mum, what do you think of the abolition of the Human Rights Act?”
“Oh I don’t know dear, now let me tell you about the lovely sparkly nail polish on my toes. It’s sparkly!”
I jest, I kid.
We talked politics at length- she doesn’t agree with the abolition of the Human Rights Act- as well as what shade her toenails currently are. My mum has two degrees and has won the Guardian Cryptic Crossword competition. She has since retired from competitive crosswords, to give other people a chance. Very noble of her, I think you’ll agree. She’s a nurse and lives in a house made of books. And old copies of the Grauniad.


Jude took these photos in the Museum Gardens after lunch. Her favourite flower is the tulip and so I thought it would be nice to take pictures in front of these ones. Apparently she has some lovely ones blooming in her garden at the moment that my brother C brought back from Amsterdam. He can’t actually remember buying them though, due to the chemical composition of his bloodstream at the time. This is sort of understandable, it being Amsterdam and my brother being of a recreational nature, but I don’t understand why he told our mother. Idiot boy.

You know, the good thing about taking pictures in York in May is that there are so many tourists around, no one gives you a second glance. They just assume you’re here to shore up York’s booming tourism economy.

I was also in the paper yesterday! The Ripon Gazette was the herald of my teenage years. You had a photo in the announcements column when you were 18, any kind of event at school was dutifully scribed in its pages, and the court round-up was always a good source of gossip. They very kindly featured me (on page 4, not the court round-up) in this week’s publication, which is on sale now till next Thursday if you want to go and buy it. Only £1.40 in newsagents in Ripon and Boroughbridge.

I left my camera in sport mode, so Mum took quite a few very slightly different photos. Here is a nice GIF for you made from them:


It was really rather chilly yesterday.

The totalizer currently stands at £307.01! That penny is annoying me, I may donate 99p just to round it off.

Anyway, only £43 to go till the half way point, and as we’re now half way through the month, I’d really like to get to that half way point. If 9 people donate a fiver each, we’ll be past it. Can you spare a fiver?

That five pounds could provide essential medical supplies to ease a patient’s symptoms, reducing their suffering. It’s only five pounds, and it would much such a difference. or text ODOM79 £5 to 70070

Thank you. Thank you so much.

I’m off work today, as my dearest Lindy is coming down from Glasgow for Caitlin Fest. I fully intended to have a lie in, but by 6.20am I was wide awake and ready to get up. The older I get, the less I’m a lie-in person and the more of a morning person I am. There’s something about being up in the grey light of dawn when no one else is. It’s so peaceful and there’s so much potential for the day ahead.

I’m going to go and have a cup of tea now, I think.

Have a lovely day, and I’ll see you later.

Caitlin x

*Before you ask, he’s not adopted and his birthday is in August so there’s none of that “two birthdays because yours is on Christmas Day” thing that I’ve seen some people do.

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