Day 11: Hypnotic

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress.
  • Reiss skirt which came via eBay and that I love.
  • That cardigan again.
  • Those brogues, too.
Ah, modern technology. Isn’t it grand? I don’t think I’ve ever felt so fond of my laptop as when it told me it needed to install 209 updates before being turned off. Of course, I should’ve known. The full system restore meant that my laptop thinks it’s back in 2010, like some sort of really naff Back to the Future. My laptop is still in the grip of the recession. The coalition government is just getting started. Will and Kate are newlyweds.  Of course it needs to catch up on every single Windows update of the past five years, silly me. I wasn’t about to sit and watch it, though. That’d be only marginally more fun that back to back repeats of Storage Hunters on Dave. So I left it churning away when I went to bed at 11pm last night.
That was a mistake. Being fire safety conscious, I’d turned the plug off at the wall before climbing the wooden hill. When I left for work this morning, the screen was reassuringly black, leading me to think it’d caught up successfully. I thought that until about 7pm this evening when I went to turn it back on to blog about today. It had got to update 174 before conking out. But Windows couldn’t just pick up where it had left off with the update, oh no. It had to undo everything it had updated so I could re-update it when I next shut down the thing.
“How kind, how thoughtful, how USEFUL,” I thought not.
Bloody technology.
It’s now 22:42 and I have been able to use my computer for about 25 minutes.
Daft machine.
Anyway, today was Monday. I went to work, ate a sandwich, walked to Pilates, did Pilates, came home, and nagged A until he took photos of me. I think he quite enjoys taking the pictures, despite his grumbles. He’s like a tetchy kitten*.
In the very old days, I used to take an action photo every day. This meant jumping off things lots of times until we got a good photo. My camera technology has progressed a smidge since then, and I am able to capture beauties like this:


And then with the power of multi-shot sport mode, make GIFs like this:

I find the above oddly mesmerising. I might have been staring at my looped jumping for the past 3 minutes. I’m not sure if I blinked whilst watching either. Let me stare again.

Nope, no blinking.

The euphoria on my face is astounding. I swear jumping up and down is the best way to make people smile. Try it. Go oooon, no one’s looking. Bounce around a bit and then tell me you’re not giggling like schoolgirl.

I like this skirt because it covers my knees. As I get older, I am more and more amazed at the skirts I used to wear in public. You remember that pansy print wrap dress tunic t’other day? I used to wear that as a dress. Genuinely. How times have changed. The more of my legs that are covered, the happier I am.

This skirt’s got a lovely pattern on it too. Sort of like abstract ladders. Or maybe wonky feathers. Or a rubbish Bridget Riley painting. It’s got little silver beads round the hem, and is handwash only. All the best things are.


It seems the fundraising has somewhat stalled. It’s been stuck at £205.01 for a few days now, and I’d really really like that to change. Could you get us started again?
It’s my birthday on Sunday, and this is my first one without Nan. I’ve got the card she and my Grandpa sent last year, with her lovely wobbly handwriting in. I’ll never get rid of it. Sometimes I go to ring her up, to tell her about my day or if I’ve seen something nice in a shop window, and I remember that she’s not here any more. Nothing will ever bring her back, I know that, but it still hurts. It’s going to be hardest when I get married or have kids, because that’s when she would’ve been absolutely in her element.
My nan has gone, but other people’s nans are still here. Please please donate so we can give them the same peaceful end she had. Anything you can spare would be brilliant. or text ODOM79 £2 to 70070.
Right, I’m a little teary now, so I’m going to make like a fish and leave. I’m going to join a political party too. It’s one thing sitting round and moaning about the government, and another to get up and do something about it.
Night all.
Caitlin x

* He’s really not going to like me saying that. Sorry, love.

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