Day 8: Just as Long as it Doesn’t Reindeer.

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress.
  • That pansy print wrap dress I told you about the other day.
  • Stretchy undershirt because it was chilly today and I’m regretting my short-sleeved choice.
  • Tights.
  • Bird cage necklace because it seemed appropriate for today. Dunno why.

I fully intended to do outdoor photos today, but as you can see, the heavens opened on the way home, my umbrella broke, and I got soggy. I tried not to mind as the rain soaked my flimsily-clad legs, and only permitted myself one melodramatic comment: “It’s like the world is crying over the state of British politics.”

I’m still in the Dress now, as I write, despite it being a little dampish. I felt guilty the other day when I wrote about being in my house pyjamas, even though I was demonstrably poorly, and now I won’t allow myself to change until the blog is written. So here I sit, in a rain-drizzled dress, writing about my life.

Last night was excellent fun. What I lack in artistic ability, I make up for in enthusiasm. I played fast and loose with the oil pastels to mixed effect, but they made me feel like I looked like I knew what I was doing. Bit of a squiggle, bit of a smug, lean back, pout, tilt head, repeat. My drawings aren’t exactly obvious humanoids, but I’d like to think I captured the inherent meaning in the pose.

If you don’t know what Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is, I’m going to tell you now. It’s life drawing with a burlesque slant, but more British bawdy burlesque than American sexy burlesque; tits rather than titillation. You don’t need to be any good at drawing, just keen to have a go. 

Every event there’s a new theme and the models are dressed in accordance with that theme. Last night’s was Super Villains, so we had Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and a seriously creepy Two Face, amongst others. They do 5 minute poses, then 10 minutes then a big 15 minute one at the end. Oh and there’s a burlesque performance and there were nipple tassels.

I was there with my friends Annika, Rosie and Sarah, and I think we all had fun. I didn’t expect how intense it would be, but it was good intense. Like when you’re really into a book or TV programme and you forget there’s a world outside. I would very much like to go again.

This necklace I bought in Edinburgh many moons ago. I really should call this blog “Caitlin, her Dress and her Collection of Quite Interesting Necklaces”. I have many more you are yet to see, too. The necklace is a birdcage and a bird on a chain; the cage felt appropriate for today’s political news.
Speaking of the election: regardless of how you voted, the Tories won. That’s not what many people wanted, but it’s the way it’s fallen so we have to make the most of it. Please love each other, care for each other, and be decent human beings. That’s all we can do.
Anyway enough politics and back to charity.
£205! That’s excellent and so generous. I’m really touched, as are my family.
Can I ask a favour? Can someone donate £30 just to get us to a third of the way there? Or 3 people donate a tenner each? £30 would pay for a carer to visit someone in their own home, to help them live there for as long as possible. That is such a valuable gift and you can make it happen.
Thank you thank you thank you.

I’ve got a huge pile of sewing tonight, and it’s not even for me. My step-mother is having a significant birthday party tomorrow (I expect she doesn’t really mind her age publicising because she’s a very open person, but I haven’t checked it with her so I’d better not), and as the member of the family who sews a bit, I’ve got a pile of jeans to transform.

I’m also going to try and curl my poker straight, very healthy, very thick hair overnight. I’ve got setting lotion, rollers, and grim determination to succeed.

Watch this space.

Caitlin x

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