Day 7: Apolitical

Today I’m wearing:

  • The Dress.
  • Ancient stripy sundress from Topshop.
  • Slightly less ancient Zara cardigan.
  • Tights on tights because the forecast wasn’t good. It was wrong and my legs sweltered.
  • Bracelet made of Jacaranda tree.
  • Duty free Ray Bans
I’m meant to be leaving the house for the evening in 35 minutes. I’ve got a phone gently charging to my left, tuna salad to my right. I tried to mentally map this post out on my way home, but got a bit distracted by kamikaze cyclists so didn’t get much past “Hiya”. What follows is a stream of my consciousness,
Today is Election Day in the UK. I chose to vote and I did so early this morning on my way to work. If you voted, lovely. I care who you voted for, but not so much that it’ll affect our relationship. I love people who voted Tory, I love people who voted Green. I don’t love any UKIP voters, but that’s probably more to do with me than you. You’re all welcome here.
If you didn’t vote, fair enough. Your decision, I suppose. To paraphrase Voltaire (oooo get me), I do not agree with your decision not to vote, but I’ll defend to the death your right to make it.
Displaying IMG_0931.JPGI’m not going to tell you who I voted for. You could probably guess, and I may have told you if I know you in real life, but I’m not going to put that stuff on the interwebs, To further mask my political leanings, I chose a dress which contains all the colours of the political rainbow. Yes, even UKIP.
I last wore this dress on a beach in Ghana, and it brought back happy memories. That’s me on the right, also wearing the same sunglasses as today. My friend Kat and I were staying at this holiday camp on the coast. It was the kind of place that would be packed at the weekends when the expats would leave Accra, but was eerily empty during the week. I think we were the only people there. Actually, there was us and a Russian diplomat. On her own. Not suspicious at all. I’ll tell you more about Ghana some time when I’m not against the clock.


The above picture is me mid-sneeze. The cold is lingering, but nearly gone. I’ve mostly lost my voice which means I’m nearly better. I know my body, I know its illness cycle. I’m nearly tip top and ship shape again.

£185! Thank you so so much people who donated last night. I had an email from the Hospice today, and they’re so pleased with how this is going. I’ve set a hefty target and I’m going to need significant help to meet it. I know you’ll come through for us.

Right. Nearly done and nearly out of the door. I’m off to Dr Sketchy’s tonight- burlesque life drawing- and I’m quite excited. I don’t know if I’ll be staying up for Election Night, we’ll see. It’s quite exciting though.

I’m going to stop blethering on and get out the door.

Caitlin x

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