Day 6: A Cure for the Common Cold

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress.
  • Waterfall front blazer from Oasis.
  • Tights on tights because it’s bloody freezing outside.
  • Strange necklace from a South African flea market.
  • DMs.
Oh friends, today I crossed a line. A line on a map but nevertheless, a line.
I went to Lancashire.
“What in heaven’s name took you to Lancashire?!” I hear you cry.
Work, my friends. I was (sort of) paid to venture forth. My word, it didn’t half chuck it down. Don’t get me wrong, I lived in Glasgow for 5 years, I’ve seen rain, but at one point on the M62, sky, road and moor were indistinguishable. That’s when you know you’re t’wrong side o’Pennines.
Today being work-based, I had to attempt to be smart. I was intending to wear my old pansy-print wrap tunic with some suitably odd jewellery, but that would certainly not do for a corporate visit. Bright colours are not business appropriate. So the bright flowery wrap dress was abandoned in favour of sombre black.
I once said that I hate wearing blazers, and I do, they are annoying. You can’t raise your arms above elbow height, they generally aren’t particularly snug, and what if you need to do some impromptu superhero posing? Not possible. I have actually split the elbows of this thing twice, and unravelled a hem, but its smart cardigan vibe means I don’t really mind mending it. That and it’s probably the smartest thing I own. It says a lot when the smartest thing you own has been mended multiple times, doesn’t it? Waste not, want not.


I don’t look particularly happy in today’s pictures, but I assure you I am. After all I’m safely back in god’s own county.

The necklace is one of my favourites. It came from a flea market in South Africa, near the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi park. You may remember I went on an African adventure last year, and this is one of many necklaces I brought back with me. It was hanging on a rusty nail in a corner, covered with cobwebs. The copper half-circle bits were green with oxide and it looked unwearable. My aunt, however, told me I’d regret it if I didn’t buy it, and so I bought it. I haven’t looked back. The copper bits were lovingly scrubbed with vinegar and salt, and the beady bits were gently divested of their cobwebs. It has its own story and no one else has one like it. 

You may remember that yesterday I wasn’t very well. You could hardly forget, I moaned enough*! Anyway, I’m much better today though still snotty with a blinder of a headache. I was determined to get better and quickly, so I may have tried a few odd cures:
Disclaimer: I am not a medical person, and some if not all of these may be placebos. I don’t care, I just want to stop being so snotty.
Vapour rub on feet
Last night I smothered my feet in vapour rub before putting socks on (fluorescent pink ones) and going to bed. A lady on my Master’s course told me this one, and I really think it works. It even helped me breathe easier. It may have stunk out the bedroom (apparently) but that was perfectly fine by me.
Listening to jazz
I read on a crackpot website that listening to 30 minutes of jazz will help to cure the common cold because “it boosts your levels of Immunoglobulin A” which is an “immune protein that fights infection”. This one is utter pigswill. I listened to 30 minutes of Assorted Jazz Greats and my nose is no clearer. My headache is worse, though.
Drink coconut water
I do not like coconut water. I do not like it in a carton, I do not like it in a can. I do not like in the original coconut. It’s meant to hydrate you quickly, and give you electrolytes, and more potassium than bananas, and reduce your blood pressure, and help you lose weight, and all your friends will like you even more because you drink it. I might have made that last one up.
But I tried it and I drank it. I don’t feel more hydrated but I can’t really tell how hydrated I am usually. Anyway, what’s wrong with plain water? You don’t need to pay good money for a carton of water. As my nan would say: there’s perfectly good water in the tap, my girl.
Eat pickled onions
In this house, the pickles are plentiful. My accomplice goes in for eating pickles in a big way, and actually pickles his own eggs. I’m assured they’re very tasty, but they’re really not for me. Anyway, we always have pickled onions in the fridge because that’s the way things work around here. I ordinarily like them a bit too. However, I am also suffering from multiple mouth ulcers (I’m really under the weather, I’m sorry) and eating strong vingary onions was not a wise idea. It stung like rejection and I’m still sniffly.
I got a full 8 hours sleep last night, and I think it helped. Obviously it helped, sleep is good for you.
Nothing cures the common cold but time, rest and, in my case, sheer force of will. There was no way I was missing today’s trip to Lancashire, and miss it I did not. I feel like the vapour rub on my feet may have helped, but it may have helped because I wanted it to.
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s meanderings. If you would like to show you’re appreciation in a monetary fashion, the link is here. We’ve raised £120 already, but there’s still a long way to go! Please donate. St Michael’s is such a wonderful place, and they need your support.
It’s election day tomorrow! Please vote.
Caitlin x
*I very very nearly entitled yesterday’s post “While My Catarrh Gently Seeps” but I didn’t because it’s gross. True though.

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