Day 5: Bear with me

Today I wore: 
  • The Dress.
  • Navy blue wool skirt that I bought in Paris.
  • Tatty Divine trapeze artist necklace.
  • Brogues because I was sort of thinking 1940s this morning when I got dressed at 6am, even though they probably didn’t have strange trapeze artists necklaces back then.


I have a confession to make. I’m not wearing the Dress right now.

It’s 2.30pm and I am in comfortable house pyjamas. I got up at 6.30am as usual, walked to work as usual, but it was quite clear when I got there that I probably would have to go home. This cold is in the extreme snot and fatigue stage (sorry, just telling it like it is). Aside from being quite unpleasant for myself and those around me, I’m probably quite contagious. Although not life-threatening, it would be nice if my colleagues didn’t get this. So I’m at home feeling as weak as Tesco Value tea.

I did get up and get properly dressed though. The skirt is long and thick; perfect for flighty weather days like today. I bought it in Paris in November for 25€ and I don’t wear it as much as I should. I was going to “retire” it for the summer- wardrobe space is a precious commodity in this house- but the weather went all autumnal and I needed the warmth.

This is another Tatty Divine necklace. I have three, including this one, and this was the first one I bought. I especially like the female trapeze artist’s ponytail; you don’t get a lot of ponytails in jewellery and this is a particularly nice example. It has as much movement as one can express in black acrylic plastic.
After my appeal yesterday, the totalizer went up to £95.01! Thank you so much, Mum and mystery text donator, you’re stars. I’m going to raise the total- I’d really like to beat last year’s- but it means I’ll need your help to reach that target.
St Michael’s Hospice is a wonderful place but they need support. Just £5 will help provide medical supplies to ease a patient’s suffering. Please donate. or ODOM79 £2 to 70070
That’s me for today. This is the fourth year I’ve done One Dress One Month, and this is the hardest yet. It’s just because I’m not very well, and it will get easier, but I’m flagging. Any words of encouragement would be very gratefully received right now. I’m going to lie on the sofa with honey and lemon now. I just need to get a little bit better and I’ll be back to normal.

Caitlin x

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  1. The mystery text donator was me! 🙂 I tried to put a message and certainly my name, but it didn't work! Keep up the good work and get well soon my love! Joey Xxx


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