Day 4: May the Fourth be with You

Today I’m wearing: 
  • The Dress.
  • White shirt tunic thing that I bought in Graz when I was 17.
  • My SpaceWolf birch wood space rocket necklace.
  • One of my pairs of black Levi’s. These are ordinarily what I wear pretty much all the time. I miss them terribly.
  • Clark’s brogues that are actually quite old now but are soft, comfortable and give my misshapen feet good support.
I’ve been to Nottingham and back today. I am Yorkshire born and (mostly) bred, but my Rushby half hails from the East Midlands and I still have family there. Today I went to see them.
Owing to my lack of holiday leave left at work, it was a day trip only and I spent 5 hours travelling. I didn’t mind; I like trains, and I got to experience the wonder that is Chesterfield station for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an odd train station. It’s (relatively) in the middle of nowhere, and the layout is disorientating. The oddest thing, though, was the vending machine; it sold 2 pint cartons of milk. On a train station platform. I’m still puzzling over it now. Surely some of the milk would go off before people would buy it? Milk doesn’t have the indefinite shelf-life of a certain sugar-loaded, gut-melting, world-dominating fizzy drink, so it doesn’t seem the natural choice for such a machine. To me, anyway. Maybe I’m missing something. I’m willing to be enlightened.
Robin Hood or a 3 year old Caitlin?
So I went to see my family, and we all went out to lunch at the Larwood and Voce in the Trent Bridge cricket ground. I didn’t realise quite how close Trent Bridge is to West Bridgford central avenue before. There was the library and park we used to haunt on youthful trips to see Grandma, and there was Trent Bridge a mere stroll away! Having said that, it’s only really in the last 14 months that I’ve taken an interest in cricket, so I doubt it would have meant much to me. That and my childhood fascination with Robin Hood would mean I would not be easily placated with a trip to watch a sport where everything happens slowly.
The lunch was excellent. Larwood and Voce were opening bowlers for Notts in the 20s and 30s, and there’s a stand named after them at the ground now*. There will be more cricket in the month, so stay tuned for more cricketing fun. I can’t quite believe I’ve just typed that.


These pictures were taken in Grandma’s garden by my cousin Beth. Grandma’s garden was the scene of ultimate den-building when we were young. She had a collection of garden and beach items, such as windbreaks and a patio umbrella, that allowed my brothers’ and my creativity to flourish. We once attempted a two storey den, but that met with disaster- the Great Den Collapse of ’99- so our dens were largely in the Bedouin style after that; rather comfortable tent-like constructions.

Today I wore my SpaceWolf rocket necklace in honour of May 4th. (Google it, I’m too tired to explain a whole cinematic universe). I really like wooden jewellery, and A knows this. He also knows I am a fan of space stuff, and found this from an American company called SpaceWolf. They specialise in laser engraving wood, making wall art and jewellery amongst other things. Everything is limited edition, they only make a set number; my necklace is number 39 of 50. Have a look, they’re having a clearance sale.
We’re now on Day 4, and I’m aware that there are quite a few days left of May! I hope you’re enjoying my words and pictures. We’re still on £70.01, and I’m really hoping that changes soon. Anything you can spare would be so gratefully received. I’ve set up a text donation thing, too. Just text ODOM79 then the amount (say, £2) to 70070. So text ODOM79 £2 to 70070. Very easy. You can donate whatever you like, from £1, and anything at all you can spare would be brilliant.
The proper link is Everything we raise goes to St Michael’s Hospice, to help other people when they need it most.
Thank you.
I’m going to bed now. I’m full of cold and my poor wee nose is red raw from so much tissue contact; I look like a gnome wearing eyeliner. And Hull lost at home. I need to sleep it off.
Caitlin x

*I may be a latecomer to the cricket game, but I can certainly talk the talk now. Except for the concept of silly mid-on, which still flouts me.

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