Day 2: A Wheely Nice Time

Today I’m wearing:

  • The Dress.
  • Lovely sunny yellow cotton skirt which I made myself.
  • Absolutely ancient Zara cardigan which came from the Russian Market in Phnom Penh and cost $2 but has really gone the distance.
  • my beloved patent DMs. I still wear them all the time even though the patent on the left shoe has started to peel and break my heart.
Good afternoon! It’s Tour de Yorkshire weekend and the cycling fans are out in force. Apparently over 250,000 turned out to watch the first day yesterday. I don’t think Bridlington has seen so much action since the Rolling Stones played the Spa in 1964. Anyway, they’re in York today and the city is brimful of street parties, cycling aficionados and bewildered tourists who forgot that it was happening.
My yellow skirt is obviously in honour of the yellow jersey (although I’m not sure if they’re doing it for this race) and it just happens to be my favourite colour. Yellow is the colour of sunshine, buttercups, chicks, Wisden cricket almanacs* and general happiness. Prompted by the lack of gathered yellow cotton skirts on the dress market at the moment, I made this skirt myself from a book called Love at First Stitch. Although I’d like to say it was very tricky and pretend to be a whizzy seamstress, it wasn’t at all hard.


The above expression is what happens when your photographer breaks off photographing you to burp. Apparently I shouldn’t have made him scarf his breakfast beans on toast if I didn’t want him to be gassy. Ah, the behind the scenes glamour of my life.


This is my wrist today. My watch is the same as last year, and the bright cotton bracelets are just cheap H&M things that I plan to give to my sister when I’m done; she’s much cooler than I am and will appreciate them. However the twisted torc is special: I inherited it from Nan. My mum has an archaeology degree (she’s a Jude of all trades) and I think she dug up one like it. Nan saw it and loved it, so my Grandpa had one made for her. It’s now mine and I treasure it. It’s always on my wrist, unless I’m out running, and it reminds me why I’m doing this.
I can’t stress enough how important supporting hospices is. They really need our help to give other people a good death, for want of a better phrase. Their job is so far-reaching, so vital. If hospices like St Michael’s didn’t exist, the world would be a harder, darker place. So please dig deep.
Thank you so much to those very generous people who have already donated. You are stars, and you have my eternal gratitude.
I’m off to watch some cycling now. It’s absolutely baltic- see the goosebumps on my arm?- but I’ll be ok. I’ll be nithered but it’s all for charity.
Caitlin x

*that one is not my idea, but they make someone else who lives in this house very happy. I don’t see how one can get excited by county cricket anecdotes and stats, but there you go. Takes all sorts.

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