Day 1: Guess who’s back?

Today I’m wearing:
  • The Dress
  • Ancient Zara cardigan which has holes in it but you can’t see them if it’s unbuttoned.
  • Stretchy stretch Gap long-sleeved undershirt which also has unintentional holes in it. I sense a pattern.
  • Two pairs of M&S tights because they are very supportive in duplicate and it was absolutely baltic this morning.
  • My Caitlin necklace which was made for me.
  • Slippers because that’s how I roll.
Well, hello there and welcome to One Dress One Month.
If you’ve been here before, sit back and relax. You know the score, you’re an old hand at this.
If not, this is how it works. My name’s Caitlin and for the entirety of May, I will be wearing the same dress every day. Yes, I’m allowed to wash it. In actual fact, I have two this year because I’m lazy and handwashing is not how I want to spend my evenings. I will be persuading people to take pictures of me around and about in said dress and blogging about it here. This is where you come in. Your mission is to read this here blog and very kindly donate at JustGiving. Very simple, and I’m sure you’ll do admirably.
So here we are again, 13 months on from last year. Another year old, but am I wiser? I would like to think so. Life has changed in the past year, as it is wont to do, and I’ve picked up some tips. Like labelling your cables, especially camera ones,  and making sure that you keep them in a sensible place. Otherwise you end up turning the house upside down, not finding said camera cables, and resort to nefarious means to upload photos to a charity blogging attempt. That has obviously not happened to me*.
Life changed big time in July when my darling Nan died. It came not as a surprise, because she’d been ill for so long, but the speed of her decline took us all aback I think. Three weeks before she passed away, we were all on the Welsh Highland Railway celebrating my Gramps’s 80th birthday. She was drinking champagne and admiring the scenery. In the hospice, we all kept repeating this to each other, as if it would explain why we were there. It didn’t, but it gave us some odd comfort that she faded so fast.
As I mentioned, Nan was in a hospice for her final days, specifically St Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate. The care, the staff, the building itself were all so wonderful that it made the whole sad process so much easier. It astonished us that they could accomplish so much on so little funding from the government and NHS. Nan herself told us to take her home because we couldn’t afford private care. I think I decided there and then to do whatever I could to raise money for them.
So here I am. Early morning photos, bonkers outfits, and going out as much as I possibly can so I have something to write about. The early mornings aren’t actually too bad- I seem to be something of a morning person- but my face is apparently prone to puffiness before 8am. I didn’t know, I don’t generally look too closely in the mirror in the mornings.
Anyway, who gives a flying pig what I look like in the morning? No one, that’s who. Here’s a picture of me trying to explain my camera to my willing accomplice and despairing because he really isn’t a morning person. He understood my artistic direction eventually, but patience isn’t my strong suit.



I was wearing my Caitlin necklace this morning. Every month I have a payday treat and this month was a Tatty Devine name necklace. Some may say it’s a little bit early noughties Sarah Jessica Parker, but no-one else has one like mine and it saves on a lot of spelling-my-name-out time. I really appreciate the individual interesting name (thank you, Mum) but I wish people could spell it. It’s also a canny little visual pun; it’s a lightening bolt coming from the blue necklace. Geddit? No?

Please donate. I don’t mind if you do it on Day 1(or Day minus 2, thanks Nick!) or Day 31, I would just like you to donate. This is a cause so close to my heart and I would be so so grateful if you could spare any bits of cash you have for it. This is the link:
If you could like and share/retweet, that would be swell. So swell. I have a Facebook page at Caitlin and Her Dress, too.
So there we are. Day 1 done. I’m zonked, it’s been one helluva week, and there’s a large glass of white wine with my name on it. I’ll probably go to the pub later, and see my friends and have a jolly nice time. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Tour de Yorkshire themed post. Right now, I’m off for my tea. And more wine.
Caitlin x

*If anyone has a spare Canon USB cable, I’ll take it off your hands.

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