One Dress One Month IV

Hello there, reader.

It’s fast approaching May, and that means only one thing: it’s nearly time for One Dress One Month IV!
I can’t believe that this will be the fourth year I’ve spent a month of my life wearing essentially the same clothes every day. Actually I can believe it because I quite like doing it. It would be daft to do summat voluntarily every year that you hate doing.
Anyway, this is this year’s Dress:

Claudia skater dress, from Boohoo

It’s from Boohoo, it’s grey, and it cost me a tenner. I went for another skater dress mainly because they’re forgiving on the hips and I know they suit me. I have, however, plumped for short sleeves this year rather than my usual three quarter length. This is because I am doing it in May, and May can be fairly warm at times. The first year I did ODOM, we had a heatwave in March and I was wearing a thick, black, long-sleeved thing that I distinctly remember sweltering in. I will not make that mistake again.

I’m also being a little bit tricksy this year, friends. I’ve bought two dresses. Hand-washing at night ready for the morning is quite frankly rubbish, and I can afford to spend twenty quid on two dresses. So I’m going to. And I have. So there. There have been a few grumbles from people I’ve admitted this to, those ODOM purists if you will. I’d like to invite those people to try doing this, putting on a damp dress first thing in the morning and see how they like it. Then we’ll see who’s grousing about mebuying two dresses.
Finally, and most importantly, THE CHARITY. As you know, my Nan Juney died in July last year. She’d been ill for some time, and spent her final days in St Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate. They took brilliant, wonderful care of her and of us, and we can’t thank them enough. However, they get minimal funding from the NHS, relying on fundraising and gifts to keep going. Anything I can do to help someone else’s nan have a peaceful end to their life, I will. So I’m fundraising for them.
But it’s not ending with ODOM this year, oh no. this is the first charity I’ve fund-raised for that’s helped me personally and I want to go bigger and better than before. So I’m setting up a wee programme of events across the summer to raise even more than last year’s £650.
  • May: ODOM
  • July: an old clothes donation thing (I’d say swishing party but that reminds people of car keys…)
  • August: York 10K
  • September: Great North Run.
There will hopefully be more, and I have loads of ideas, but I may need a bit of help organising them all. Also, June is tricky because I have jury duty* but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.
So there you have it. I have my dress(es), I’m stockpiling old clothes, I’m running every other day, and all for charity. I have a JustGiving page here. Feel free to browse.
Check back on May 1st for the first day of ODOM IV.
Lots of love,

Caitlin x

*for the second time in my life, can you believe it?! I’m just so trustworthy.

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