Have you ever seen a juggling street performer? They start with one ball, then make it three, and before you know it, they’ve got a sabre, a firey torch and a kitten in the air. That’s a bit how I feel at the moment. But here I am, writing a blog post.

Life has been busy these past months. April, I spent in Africa; May, I spent socialising; in June I moved house; in July my darling Nan died; for August I worked myself dizzy; in September I burned out, and in October, I started juggling.

I distinctly remember swearing never to go back to University, and the relief after the final Final, but time dulls the pain of memory and I’m back as a student. Part-time, social policy, Master of Research. It’s a good idea, I’m sure of it.

So that’s a part-time degree, full-time job on the go. Add to that friends, my lovely lovely friends, and you have three balls in the air. Oh, I’ve got one of those boyfriend things now- he’s called A, he’s wonderful, I don’t think he’s ever met anyone like me- and I find that spending time with him is important (cough, imperative). And then I feel the onset of my years, and my metabolism slowing, and the comfort of a relationship creeping up on me, so I try to exercise more. This means I run and it requires significant effort of will to do so. That’s five things in the air, none of which are light commitments and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, an extra two days in the week, or an hour for sleep wouldn’t go amiss but I’ll survive.

But for some reason I want to write! I’m not sure if it’s the kitten or the sabre in my extended metaphor. Probably the kitten. My life is full of joy and joy should be shared. I’m (we’re) going to Paris at the end of the month, on the train under the sea, and then Edinburgh in November. The latter is for the rugby, admittedly, but there’ll be time for other things, and maybe I’ll take a book.

I have grand fundraising plans for next year, too, including the return of One Dress One Month. I am shifting it to May; I’ve got work and deadlines in March and April and I’m not superwoman, believe it or not. It also means that I get to do a celebratory birthday post which will be pretty nice.

There are other plans afoot, but I’ll keep schtum for now.

So that was a brief round up. Hello, it’s been a while, and I’ll be back soon.


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