Day 31: this is the end

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress for the last time;
  • leggings on tights;
  • long-sleeved black t-shirt because there was a wee nip in the air at 6am;
  • DMs just because.
The last day! Tomorrow I can wear whatever I want and not write about it! I’ll probably feel little, lost and alone when I go to get dressed in the morning. And probably still keep carrying my camera around like an expensive security blanket. And probably haunt the charity shops, looking for things to make the Dress exciting. If you see me looking bereft, I could probably do with a hug.
Actually who am I kidding?! I’m going to Ghana on Saturday! I can’t keep still, I’m so excited. To demonstrate this, I made a GIF:
I got the giggles halfway through. If you ever feel a bit blue, just jump up and down. All the blood goes to the happy part of your brain, and you feel better*.
So this month. I raised more money than I thought possible. My original target was £200, and you’ve donated more than 3 times that. That is fantastic and brilliant and thank you so much.
If you do fancy donating a bit more, please please do. Every bit you donate is another life changed. I saw a tweet from Womankind today that said £18 provides emergency help to 1 survivor of violence in Uganda. With your donations, Womankind can help 34 of those women. If somebody could donate £14.26 more, we could make that 35. or ODOM50 £5 to 70070.

When I get back from the African Adventure, I’ll hopefully be organising some kind of ‘thing’ to raise more money for Womankind. They need all the help they can get, and I’m committed now. Keep your eyes peeled.


I’ll also probably be writing a bit about my adventures in Africa, if anyone would like to read them. I have a Facebook page at Caitlin and Her Dress, and I’ll post any posts I write there. Want to keep reading, give it a like. Simple as that.
I’ve made a playlist (they’re the digital mix CD and I love them) of songs that have been keeping me going.

So you can see a little bit more inside my head.
Anyway, thank you for donating, thank you for reading and thanks for all the fish.
*Probably not scientifically accurate, but it truly does work

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