Day 30: practical pockets

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • a Tilly and the Buttons Miette skirt what I made myself;
  • the leopard print shoes that my Nan was admiring, even more so when I told her they’re M&S in origin.
Remember the skirt project from Day 2? Well, tah-dah! There is no greater feeling than being able to say “oh this? Yeah, made it myself”. Delivery of the line is important; you need to be casual yet proud, with a hint of humility. Tricky. The actual construction did involve unpicking and redoing, and it’s not totally perfect, but I am very happy. And my nan likes it.

It’s a wrap skirt, with pockets big enough for my phone, keys, hair-ties, headphones, railcard and train tickets. I checked. For anyone considering a similar attempt, it was quite simple to do, and I’m a near total beginner. The online pictures and detailed instructions really helped, especially with waistband construction.

There was a tiny minor wardrobe malfunction on the way to the station this morning. This is a wrap skirt, which means you literally wrap it round you and tie it. No zips or buttons or any fastenings. This means that the back of the skirt is in 2 pieces. On my brisk walk to the station (the closest I could get to running in leopard print flats with no grip. Yes, the leopard print affects my speed) one of the back pieces rode up and tucked itself under my coat. I didn’t notice until I was walking into the station.

I’m not upset about the fact that 2 hen parties and lots of tourists saw my pants- it happened, they can’t unsee these things- but that no-one told me that I’d lost half my skirt. Where was the compassion? Where was the love? It’s at times like these I despair of humanity.

I had a lovely time at the gig last night. My brother C came too and it was good bouncy fun. Apart from when I got terrible hiccups; I had visions of being interviewed aged 95, still hiccuping. I’m not melodramatic at all. They did stop after a while, but it was still very worrying.

Today was Mothering Sunday, which in olden times meant you returned to your mother church and so were reunited with your mother (thank you, Countryfile) but today means just buying your mum a card and some flowers*. So today I went back to my motherland and my mum. This is Jude:

We don’t look at all alike- the Rushby is strong in my family- but I think we’re quite similar in temperament. Both worriers, both fond of red wine, both would rather spend money on books than food. She’s won the Guardian Cryptic Crossword competition, travelled the world, knows a lot about a lot of things, and she’s my biggest fan and most avid follower. She takes her motherly supporting duties very seriously- sometimes I wonder if her friends really want to read my ramblings- and it’s much appreciated.

This is her mum, my Nan:

I inherited Nan’s dead straight hair and love of clothes. Oh, and her sewing machine went she couldn’t get on with it any more. I’ve written about her here, and she’s doing well at the moment. She even made it up to Glasgow last summer to watch me graduate.
Thanks to my grandparents and uncles’ generosity, I made it past £600! £615.74 to be exact. You know, that’s more than 3 times my original target. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude; thank you so so much.
If you do want to donate a bit (more) please don’t hesitate. Every little bit more we can raise will change real lives. or ODOM50 £5 to 70070
I’m in Ripon with my mother tonight. We’re on the sofa watching Endeavour. That’s another thing we have in common: a love of crime dramas and classic whodunnits. She loves contemporary thrillers, but I draw the line there. They’re just a bit gruesome for me.
Tomorrow is the last day! It’s gone very quickly, but I will be more than a little happy to not wear this dress ever again. Just one more blog post on the Dress. That’s why you should donate now…
*I definitely will get round to the flowers, Mum. Promise.

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