Day 29: stripy and speedy

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • stripy cotton beach dress that I found when ‘packing’ and thought I’d wear today because I’ve literally worn every other item of clothing I own;
  • DMs, obviously.
I’m speed-writing this so please forgive errors or things that don’t make sense. There is smoke coming out of my fingertips. The keyboard is burning up. I’m going to a gig, and although not running late now, I haven’t eaten and I need to brush my teeth and other stuff so I will be running late soon.
Today has been nice. Real nice. Just me and M, lounging around. We were in pyjamas till noon, made pancakes for breakfast, discussed politics and the state of feminism today. I had a quick Skype chat with my Ghana pals late last night, so I’m all pepped up and full of approaching holiday zest. I think if I say “I’m going to Africa!” one more time, M will brain me.

We went into town- York on a Saturday is possibly the biggest argument against capitalisation I have ever seen- and I bought sensible walking sandals. Yes, the ones so beloved of the baby boomer walking tour aficionados. M found it hilarious that they were from the kids section, but my well-supported ankles and the lack of VAT kept me feeling smug. If it weren’t for the 30°+ heat, I would so be wearing socks with these bad boys. I’m sexy and I know it.

Quite honestly, I can’t think about much apart from Africa next week. Real life just isn’t interesting enough. Especially since C has been bursting with tales from his recent African Adventure. Every other sentence seems to begin, “So I was sipping champagne on safari…” or “I once saw a Black Rhino calf and mother just grazing…” You understand that this will be me in practically days. It’s very good that March ends on Monday and there will be no more daily blog because I am going to be unbearable this next week. Pity my poor colleagues.

But back to the matter at hand, the reason for the blog: Womankind. The total is now at £575.74! That is so great, but can we just squeeze out a little more? Only 2 days to go, and you’ve definitely got evidence I’ve worn the Dress. And written pages and pages of waffles (with photos) about the Dress. Only £24.26 to £600… or ODOM50 £5 to 70070

I’ve really got to dash now. But remember clocks go forward tonight, and it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. And remember to wash behind your ears and take care of your teeth. Don’t say I’m not good to you.

I’m heading away tomorrow to see my mother, and her mother, but I’ll be taking my laptop. I have to, I’m committed to the blog.

Now I am running late. I told you I would be. It would probably be better if I stopped telling you I’m running late and actually left.


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