Day 23: bonsoir, ma petit chou-fleur

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • my other Levi’s;
  • a long-sleeved black t-shirt;
I wish I was French. Or I wish I spoke better French. The French have always been effortlessly chic, the cool kids of Europe. I went to the cinema today with Clare to see the new Yves Saint Laurent biopic; I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I don’t know what the reviews were like- I don’t read reviews,I prefer to make my own mind up first- but it was chic and involving and a little dark. I find other people’s lives are endlessly fascinating. Everyone has a story to tell, if you ask the right questions in the right order.
Seeing all those elegant clothes sent me home to my sewing machine, determined to Do Better. Maybe when I get the hang of this thing, I’ll make my own ‘Le Smoking‘. Dare to dream, eh?
Going to the cinema is one of my favourite things to do but I’m always a bit wary of going solo so I don’t go as much as I’d like. Daft I know- it’s not as if I’ll have meaningful conversation during the film- but I still shy away from going alone.
I’ve realised that I’m wearing pretty much the same thing as yesterday but in different colours. To be honest, I don’t care. I was thinking beatnik and Sixties and Paris; if I had a beret, believe me, I’d be wearing it. Just imagine a beret at a jaunty angle on my head, and you’ll see what I was going for. The jeans I rolled up and wore with DMs (spare shoes in my bag in case of rubbing). The internet tells me shorter jeans do not suit shorter legs but I don’t particularly care. I have short legs and I’m not too fussed about trying to make them look longer. I know how long my legs are, and it’s not going to change my life if I can add an illusory inch to them.
Ma famille are on their way home, but I wanted to put the Dress in the wash and my pyjamas on, so I took these with the self-timer and the camera balanced on some bits of wood on a coffee table on the piano stool. I could do with a tripod, but I have no money and wood-on-table-on-stool works just fine. This was one of my prep shots as I was testing the timer and the focus and the height of the camera. I don’t half fancy another cuppa now. Wait, that’s not very French. I’ve fallen at the first hurdle. What do they drink? Chocolat chaud? Café au lait? Tissane?
We’re still at £402. Only a week to go now. If you can spare anything at all, that would  be so good. The target is £500 because that’s how much it costs to provide a safe house for an Ethiopian woman for 2 months. That’s really not very much at all, and you can help by just donating a bit of cash.
There was news this week that 2 men are to be charged under the Female Genital Mutilation act, the first in the UK. This is such a breakthrough, but it’s only the beginning. In Ethiopia, 74% of women have gone through FGM; that’s nearly 1 in every 3. These women need support, medically, politically and socially, and with your help, we can do that. or ODOM50 £2 to 70070.
Please. Only a week to go. Let’s hit that target.

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