Day 22: dolce far niente

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • a long-sleeved white t-shirt; long-sleeved t-shirts are the staple of my wardrobe;
  • my black Levi’s which are so comfortable, they’re the pyjamas of the jean world;
  • I did wear my DMs when I left the house once today, but now I’m wearing slippers.
Today has been blissful. Dolce far niente, as the Italians say. I have slept to my heart’s content, eaten my fill of (and stunk the house out with) grilled mackerel, worked on my sewing, unpicked what I’d done because I did it wrong but I was ok with that because we learn from mistakes, don’t we?
My friend Nathan is on his way round to do fancy pictures this evening. I’m making pizza to say thank you; caramelised onion and feta, beetroot and mozzarella. I’m a little bit worried that the dough is going to be Not Very Good, so I’ve got lots of cheese to make up for it.
Today I backed my first ever project on Kickstarter! There’s an independent sewing pattern label called By Hand London. I’m very new to this sewing clothes thing and not very good- please tell me improvement is swift?- but these patterns look pretty manageable. I really like the independent label thing, too. So much of our lives is dominated by sprawling conglomerates that it’s almost essential to support the baby independents out there. In fact, you often find that the service and the quality is better at the wee’uns that in the big places. In York we have a multitude of small businesses that outstrip the chains; I’m thinking of the Perky Peacock coffee shop, Ramshambles wool shop, the Little Apple bookshop, the Good Food shop and Henshelwoods (both delis). Why would you live anywhere else?
In 2 weeks, I’ll be on a plane to Addis Abba. You’ve heard about the vaccination saga, but now it’s getting closer, it feels much more real. I booked tickets months ago, last year in fact. I’ve been thinking about this need to travel and whether it’s genetic. We’ve all travelled and always travelled in my family and we’re no strangers to adventure (my uncle Fred sailed down the Yangtze in WW2; my dad saw the toppling of Sadaam Hussain yacht after the deposition). Equally, I know people who’ve never been out of Europe, never been out of the UK, never been out of Yorkshire even, and while I respect that, I don’t understand it. Other cultures, other ways of being are endlessly fascinating  and sometimes BBC4 is no compensation for seeing it first-hand. I’ll report my adventures back, never fear.

In light of my forthcoming trip to Ghana, I thought I’d highlight the work Womankind do in Ghana. Click here to see more. I tried to summarise it here but there just wasn’t enough room.

Please support their work. or ODOM50 £2 to 70070.


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