Day 20: dressing political

Today I’m wearing:

  • The Dress;
  • a vintage cotton dress that is definitely not a political statement;
  • slippers because my feet are chilly.
Excuse my puffy Noddy-cheeked face. I’m so tired, so very very tired.
I was not intending to make a political statement when I got dressed this morning. Sometimes I do intend to, this is true, but not today. It didn’t occur to me that I could actually get political with a dress, but there you go.
“Ah, pro-Ukraine”, people would say when they saw me. No. Well yes, but unintentionally. I mean, I’m intentionally pro-Ukraine but not intentionally through my clothing. In all honesty, I thought I was being Swedish. My friend Sabine is Swedish and I thought it’d be nice and stuff if I sort of wore her flag to work.
Did you know that next Tuesday is Waffle Day in Sweden? Yes, that’s right, a day of waffles. She was telling me about the other cake related holidays they have over there- Cinnamon Bun Day in October, for example- and I’m frankly astonished she came to the UK. We have pancakes, hot cross buns at a push. There’s just not the same level of dedication here as in Sweden. We need cake holidays, not just optional extras!
I got this from a charity shop (*cough* Sue Ryder) and when I buy clothes from charity shops, I sometimes like to imagine a little bit of a back-story for them. This dress has no labels, not even a washing instruction one. My theory is that it was made in the late 1970s by a woman with no pets who was a really big Abba fan, and was going to see them in concert in, say, Manchester. She wanted to stand out from the crowd, so made this dress to get noticed. It of course worked, but she had to get the last train home, so couldn’t stay. The lost potential of this dress has haunted her ever since, so much so that she had to give it to charity.
Maybe I’m reading into it a little bit too much. It could just be a dress.
We’ve passed £400! That’s less than £100 to the target. C’mon, generous people of the internet, we can do this.
At least 1 in 3 women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. That is an appalling statistic, and the sad truth is, it’s probably not even close. This is an urgent issue. We can do something to stop it today. There’s this article of 6 innovations for ending violence against girls; it’s definitely worth a read.
I can’t get over that figure. Do you realise, you will know one of those women, probably more? I know I do.
Anyway, I’m going to bed. The good news is that my Docs have stopped rubbing, the bad news is that they squeak terribly. I can’t go anywhere quietly; I walk like an angry rubber duck.
Our Wilf has been ill for the past few days; throwing up, being really needy, sleeping a lot. We were getting worried- he was off his food, he’s never off his food- until we found the cause. He’d eaten a rubber duck. Which made a reappearance today.
I’ll leave you with that lovely thought.

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