Day 18: if Marlene liked dinosaurs

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • my old waitressing trousers which came from Mango but 6 years ago, and they’re faaaaar too long for me;
  • My Designosaur.
I’ve just finished reading Grazia, and they talk about wardrobe inspiration. I think this is something I should try.
So. My inspiration for today’s ensemble was Marlene Dietrich, if she felt she had to wear a dress over her tuxedo, and also was really interested in dinosaurs and showed her appreciation through eclectic jewellery. Plausible? I mean, Marlene could well have liked dinosaurs, we just don’t know. Hidden depths.
 God, I wish I was dressed like that. This morning was all about emergency dressing. The outfit I’d had planned just did not look right so this was a last minute affair. The trousers are warm and old and were my go-to work uniform when I was a waitress*.
It was nice and simple today. All black, no crazy tights. I’m still pretty tempted by that Patternity brick pair, though. £12 on tights; can I?
I found the best charity shop on my lunch break today. My friend Annabel (of Eager Johnston) told me about it, and how it had a fantastic vintage selection, but I didn’t really think about it. I’d been in, and thought there was just the standard old Primark-and-Next beloved of all charity shops. Usually vintage in charity shops means a few late 80s pieces and a straw hat. But not this one; the Sue Ryder shop on Goodramgate (for you Yorkies) has a veritable treasure trove of vintage. I came away with a Jaeger skirt and a lovely cotton sundress for my African Adventure. My tip is to go upstairs…
They also had a lovely hat range and I’m quite tempted to go back. However, I’ve inherited my father’s large head (in diameter and brains, not so much in ego) and I struggle to find hats that fit. It is my cross to bear. But if I do back and find one that I can ram onto my bulbous noggin so it ‘fits’… Well, I could get quite excited. To say the least.
There’s a close-up of the Designosaur for you. It’s still my favourite. I bet if I did a ‘What Dinosaur Are You?’, I’d come up Triceratops. I’ll go and find one now… Yes! I’m a Triceratops! This is the quiz I did.
£322! I am supremely confident that we will hit £500 before the end of March. Maybe tentatively confident, actually; counting chickens and all that. Please don’t make me eat my words.
I’ve been telling you all the amazing stuff Womankind do, but how about you hear a real story? Click here to read Musu’s word and how she found her voice. Your money can help real woman, can make a huge difference to lives worldwide. or ODOM50 £3 to 70070
It’s been a crazy day. I’m having a Yellow Fever vaccine tomorrow, the culmination of a long vaccination saga. I’ll fill you in tomorrow, when I’ve had the jab. Still slightly dubious that it’ll happen.
*I love using the past tense there.

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